Home Health Tips Wondering Is Popcorn Vegan Friendly? Read This!

Wondering Is Popcorn Vegan Friendly? Read This!

Wondering Is Popcorn Vegan Friendly? Read This!

Popcorn is a great choice for entertaining guests at parties or watching movies.

You may be wondering if popcorn can be eaten by vegans or diners who are vegan.

Here are the facts.

Is it still vegan when wrapped in wrappers?

Is there anything else that makes it vegan?

Is popcorn vegan friendly?

Popcorn is vegan

Yes, popcorn can be made vegan.

Popcorn is made from corn kernels.

Popcorn is made when the kernel is heated and pressure is created.

The outer hull then “pops” and becomes crispy and crunchy.

Popcorn with animal ingredients such as butter or cheese is not vegan.

This is often the case for traditional popcorn sold at trade shows and movie theaters.

Butter is used in many commercial popcorn brands.

Popcorn can be made vegan by using oil instead of butter.

You can also flavor your popcorn with other ingredients such as sea salt and nutritional yeast.

You can experiment with your favorite herbs and spices.

How do you know if popcorn is vegan?

How do you know if popcorn is vegan?

Even if you’ve only been vegan for a few months, you probably know how to read ingredient labels.

Popcorn labeled “made with real butter” and “cheesy” can easily be crossed off your wish list.

Then check the allergens section.

The main reason a certain popcorn is vegan or non-vegan is dairy.

This is usually indicated by the “Contains Milk” label at the bottom.

Thoroughly inspect all ingredients to ensure there are no hidden ingredients such as meat flavors or other similar substances.

Ingredients You Must Check Out

How do you make popcorn?

Palm oil

Although this product is plant-based, strict vegans condemn its production.

It damages the natural habitat of animals and destroys the soil in the area where it is produced.

Artificial colors

Artificial colors are usually synthetic and do not come from animals.

However, vegans have ethical concerns when using animals for testing purposes.


Another product that can be synthetically manufactured is sucrose.

It doesn’t come from animals or plants, but it does use animals for testing, which goes against the ethical views of vegans.

How do you make vegan popcorn?

How do you make vegan popcorn?

You have complete control over the popcorn you eat as long as you don’t use non-vegan ingredients.

It’s easy and inexpensive to buy popcorn kernels and then cook them.

This method is cheaper than buying the most expensive alternative, and you have full control over what is added.

These are just some of the many options available for making vegan popcorn.

Popcorn on the stove

Popcorn can be made on the stove with oil or air popping the kernels to make it healthier.

Heat in oil

You can find many vegan cooking oils on the market.

We prefer coconut oil for sweet popcorn and olive oil or canola oil when adding savory flavors to our popcorn.

Heat oil over medium heat.

Add three test burners to the pan.

After your test kernels have popped, add the remaining kernels to the container in an even layer.

Close the lid.

Turn off the heat for about 20 seconds until you hear a pop.

The heat should be turned up again and make sure the lid is still on.

Shake the pan well every now and then to make sure nothing burns.

When the popping sound stops, turn off the heat and remove the lid.

Finish with your favorite herbs.


Air Popped Popcorn

You do not need to use oil for any reason.

Simply heat the popcorn without oil.

Pop your popcorn into a dry skillet, as long as the heat isn’t too high.

This is the healthiest option and can be used for sweet, savory and natural foods!

Microwave Popcorn

Although microwave popcorn has been around since the 1940s, it only became popular in the 1980s.

In 1981, the first “bag” for this product was patented.

Microwave popcorn is generally just as vegan as any other form of popcorn, despite its history.

We mean it comes with the same caveats as any other type of popcorn: check the cooking method and what toppings it has.

Some toppings can make the product non-vegan, but microwave popcorn is more likely to be available in limited flavors.

Always check the label for a vegan-friendly label and double-check the ingredients.

While it is possible to use palm oil, whether palm oil is vegan or not is complex.

Many vegans might prefer to skip such corn.

The chemicals used in the production of microwave popcorn have been criticized and the issue of palm oil.

Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are toxic in the coatings that make these bags oil and water resistant.

These chemicals can contaminate water, soil and air and cause bags to biodegrade slowly.

These bags can also be very difficult to recycle.

It is possible to make microwave popcorn at home.

This way you avoid the use of palm oil, non-vegan products and PFCs.

All you need to do is add the raw kernels to a microwave-safe bowl.

Any microwave safe container will work.

Cover with a vented lid and let it boil.

As long as the bowl retains enough steam, it can be covered with any type of lid.

You can fry the corn in oil or let the corn cook through the heat.

Once the corn is popped, you have full control over which toppings you put on it.

Which ingredients to avoid?

What Ingredients Should You Avoid When Making Popcorn?

Two things can prevent popcorn from being vegan-friendly

Popcorn kernels can be cooked in butter or animal oil:

Contrary to popular belief, popcorn kernels do not need to be heated in butter or oil to pop (as described below).

While some prefer popcorn made with butter or oil, others are vegan options.

Non-vegan flavors and toppings are added once the popcorn is cooked.

There are many vegan-friendly popcorn toppings that you can make yourself.

However, vegans should always check the label and ask the seller about the ingredients.

popcorn food

popcorn food

Popcorn is tasty and healthy.

In its original form, popcorn is gluten-free with no toppings or flavorings.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service states that it has high levels of fiber (14.5 g/100 g), protein (12.94 g/100 g), as well as low sugar levels (less than 1 g/100 g), contains saturated fat. (5g/100g), etc.

This is in contrast to many chips, which contain much less fiber protein and a lot of saturated fat.

Popcorn is also 100% whole grain, so it’s an excellent choice for vegan snacks.

You can make your popcorn healthy or unhealthy depending on how it’s cooked and what you add.

You can order your next batch of popcorn kernels and get creative with your popcorn creations.

If they are really delicious, share them with us!

Vegan Popcorn Brands

Vegan Popcorn Brands

Check out these top-rated vegan popcorn brands:

Angie’s Boom Chicka Doll Sea Salt Popcorn

Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP Salty Popcorn has only three ingredients: popcorn and sunflower oil.

It is also gluten free.

Pop Art Thai Coconut Curry Popcorn

Pop Art’s vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free popcorn is one of a kind.

This gourmet snack is a favorite of ours!

Skinnypop Sea Salt And Pepper Popcorn

There’s nothing better than classic sea salt popcorn.

But sometimes you just need a little more.

SkinnyPop’s Non-GMO Sea Salt and Pepper Popcorn is a perfect choice.

Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own Popcorn offers two vegan options:

Tinder White Popcorn or Sea Salt Popcorn.

The rest of their products contain real milk and butter.

White cheddar is a common ingredient in microwave popcorn.

These give flavor to the end product.

365 by

The taste without oil or salt added from this brand’s only vegan popcorn.

They also have organic popped popcorn kernels.

Organic popcorn is just as healthy as regular popcorn.

Organic popcorn is high in vitamin E and can be eaten vegan if no dairy products or other additives have been added.

smart food

Smartfood has only one flavor with no non-vegan ingredients.

It’s Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn Smartfood Popcorn.

Other flavors may contain dairy products or non-vegan ingredients.

You should read the label on all products carefully to make sure they are safe and vegan.

Final Thoughts

How to make popcorn?

Vegan doesn’t mean you have to forgo delicious popcorn.

There are plenty of vegan popcorn brands to choose from.

There are many great options for microwave popcorn and movie popcorn.

These popcorns can be vegan, but you have to be careful.

Vegan popcorn brands stick to their natural flavors.

They use vegan ingredients like avocado oil to ensure the popcorn is vegan.

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