As Breus tells mbg, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has long suggested that we adopt standard time, not daylight saving time.

According to Breus and AASM, permanent daylight saving time can lead to lasting negative health effects. Because our bodies are naturally more attuned to standard time, permanent daylight saving time can disrupt our internal clocks, resulting in a permanent delay in the sleep phase and subsequent chronic sleep loss. Read: Just because it’s brighter at night and darker in the morning doesn’t mean we don’t have to get up so early for work, school, etc. — but we can still be tempted to stay up later.

“Summer savings are not consistent with our internal biological clocks, called your circadian rhythm,” Breus says.

There is other evidence to suggest that permanent daylight saving time can lead to perpetual social jet lag, Breus adds, while standard time is typically associated with better physical and mental health outcomes.

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