Have you ever woken up with hickeys on your neck and wondered what it meant? Hickeys, also known as love bites or kisses, are signs of passion and physical intimacy between two people. They are a form of marking territory, a way of expressing desire and love, and they can tell you a lot about yourself and your relationship.

Decoding your hickeys can help you understand what your partner is trying to tell you and give your insight into the dynamics of your relationship. So, unlock the secrets of your love bites and find out what they have to say about you.

What Different Types Of Hickeys Mean

Bruise hickeys are the most common hickeys and are usually caused by a tight embrace when two bodies are pressed up against each other. To get these hickeys, your partner needs to be holding you very tightly and close when kissing you.

If you have these hickeys, it can mean that your partner is passionate and intense but also that they might be a little aggressive or rough in their approach. Bruise hickeys can also be a sign that your partner is new to relationships or inexperienced in love.

Kissing hickeys are made when your partner is pressing their lips against your skin and sucking on your skin. The strength of the sucking can determine how big your love bite gets. If your partner is sucking very gently and softly, they can create small hickeys. If they’re sucking with a lot of force, they’re likely to create large and noticeable hickeys. Kissing hickeys can show that your partner is very passionate and bold.

Suckling hickeys are usually smaller than kissing hickeys and can be mistaken for a bruise. To get such hickeys, your partner needs to be sucking on your skin, like they’re nursing you or feeding on you. Suckling hickeys can be a sign that your partner is confident in what they’re doing and is enjoying pleasuring you.

Lastly, hickeys caused by teeth are made by getting bitten hard on your skin. Teeth hickeys are usually larger than other hickeys, and they can be very painful. Teeth hickeys can be a sign that your partner is very passionate and aggressive towards you. In some instances, teeth hickeys can be a sign that your partner is a little more dominant and controlling in their approach to pleasure.

How To Treat Your Hickeys

The best way to heal your hickeys has to deal with time. While you wait for them to heal, you can cover them up with makeup or clothing. Hickeys usually go away in a week or two, but there are a few things you can do to speed up the healing process.

Applying ice to your hickeys can help reduce swelling and pain. You can also apply a cooling cream or gel to your skin to reduce the redness and swelling. But to cover them quickly, using a Hickey concealer will work best for you. 

In summary, having hickeys is pretty normal and harmless, so don’t worry about getting them. Use them as an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your partner or express your desires and passion toward your partner.


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