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What To Know About The Diamond + Its Meaning

What To Know About The Diamond + Its Meaning

There’s a reason diamonds are such a common symbol of dedication: “As the hardest natural substance on Earth, diamonds are exceptionally durable,” explains Van Doren to mbg. And given their sturdiness, they’re also very safe to clean with any of the traditional cleaning methods, she adds.

You can check out our guide to cleaning and charging crystals for inspiration on how to clean your gems. However, you should take extra care when cleaning antique diamond jewelry as they may have flakes.

It is also worth noting that when purchasing a diamond from a retailer it is important to look for ethical and sustainably sourced options. Diamonds may be associated with engagements and the month of April, but they are also notorious for being mined in war zones (also known as “blood” or “conflict diamonds”). Learn how to identify sustainable and ethical jewelry here.

Van Doren is a big fan of wearing diamond jewelry to incorporate its energy into everyday life, adding that when looking for a diamond, you should follow your heart and intuition. “When a diamond jewel grabs your heart and imagination, that diamond holds innate magic for you, no matter how high it ranks on the ‘4Cs’ value scale. Listen to your intuition,” she says.

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