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What Does It Take to Burn Off Halloween Candy?

What Does It Take to Burn Off Halloween Candy?

In the grand scheme of weight loss, it’s not what we do on the occasional vacation that really determines our weight, it’s the week after week of eating and drinking habits that determine our weight. That said, if you’re not careful, you can eat/drink a ton of calories in one day, turning into weeks of too many calories over the holidays, starting with Halloween.

The key is to plan and know what you eat! Candy can be confusing because of all the different snack sizes that are so common during Halloween. It’s very easy to assume it’s not that bad since you’re eating snack-sized candy, and this is true if you don’t eat a lot of chunks! Before you eat candy, see how many calories you’re eating — it takes less than a minute to google the calorie, sugar, and fat content for just about any regular Halloween candy.

Here are some examples:

Nestle’s Crunch Bar (60 calories) 6 minutes of vigorous aerobics to burn!

Kit Kat Bar (70 calories) 8 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise to burn!

4 Snickers Mini Bar (170 calories) 18 minutes of intense workout to burn!

Full Size Twix Bar (80 calories) 6 minutes of continuous kettlebell swings to burn!

4.2 Oz Candy Corn (450 calories) Walk 4-5 miles to burn!

2 Peanut Butter Cups (210 calories) Run 2 miles to burn!

So eating a little sweets isn’t a big deal, BUT if you don’t watch how many pieces/containers you eat, you can quickly accumulate a ton of calories that take over an hour of intense exercise to burn!

Plan your candy intake and know what you are going to eat and enjoy! The other key is candy after a meal, so you’re not really hungry – candy and hunger make a really bad combination!

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