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What Are The Main Effects Of A Mentoplasty Surgery?

What Are The Main Effects Of A Mentoplasty Surgery?

We all want to have a beautiful face, fix weak chin (แก้ คาง which is the term in Thai), and this is often synonymous with a harmonious face through a balance of the different components of the face. Now, one of the essential elements that define the harmony of the face is the chin. Know, therefore, the advantages of a mentoplasty surgery.

If a person has a chin in a more advanced or retracted position, this is often a reason for embarrassment or lower self-esteem. Currently, some surgeries change these characteristics to increase the well-being and self-esteem of patients. Mentoplasty is the surgery that redefines the contours of the chin, making it more balanced with the rest of the face.

This surgery can be performed alone or associated with other surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, to create a balance in the patient’s face. Mentoplasty intends to encompass the shaping and correction of a receded or advanced chin. For many, the option for this surgery is only for aesthetic reasons to harmonize the facial appearance; however, in other cases, some people who have deformations or anatomical alterations that affect the body’s functions such as speech, chewing, or breathing, among other aspects, resort to mentoplasty to improve these particularities to have an improved lifestyle and health.

How Is Mentoplasty Surgery Performed, And What Effects Can You Expect?

Before performing a mentoplasty intervention, some essential assessments must be made to the patient individually to obtain the best possible results according to the existing needs. It is essential to assess the elasticity of the skin, present scars, pre-existing depressions, and the symmetry of the face. To avoid future inconveniences, it is also essential to assess the volume limit of the prosthesis inclusion. To ensure the success of the surgery, the patient is submitted to some complementary exams, even after the previous evaluations.

This surgery can only be performed on patients over 17 years of age. From this age onwards, the bones are already sufficiently developed to prevent future inconveniences.

Suppose the patient wants to advance the chin to improve its appearance without resorting to very complex surgeries on the bone structure. In that case, a specific silicone prosthesis is placed, not intended to correct functional or morphological aspects, but only the aesthetic aspect. Chin augmentation involves advancing the chin bone itself or placing an implant. In the case of bone advancement, the incision is made inside the mouth, leaving no external scars. In the case of using implants, the surgery can be internal or external, depending on each patient’s case.

The effects of the surgery are considerable immediately after the intervention; however, due to the natural swelling that the face will have during the first month, the changes are not so visible in that same first month. The moment in which it will be possible to visualize the effect of the surgery entirely is 6 months after the intervention. This is when the affected area completely loses the swelling that has occurred.

One of the great advantages of mentoplasty surgery is that if the patient is not satisfied with the result, or after a few years, due to the natural aging of the skin and natural changes in the face, or for any other reason, they choose to remove the silicone prosthesis there. Implemented can do so through the application of local anesthesia.