When it comes to love, sensuality is the name of the game, while the Taurus eclipse activates all of your five senses. But what makes you tingle from head to toe? Find ways to improve your skills in the sex department. Hint: focus on foreplay, touch, and anything body-based. Since Taurus rules our material possessions, couples may disagree about finances or values. This is your cue to get it all out and, ideally, try to resolve your disagreements. Stay open to the creative and surprising solutions that a solar eclipse can reveal.

And be warned, the answers you find could melt us into gigantic puddles of mush… or turn us into the sultry sirens the world has ever seen. During the eclipse, supersizer Jupiter sniffs at the seductive Venus in Pisces, the sign of fantasy. The Venus-Jupiter duo calls for love that is passionate, boundless, honest and true. Let fauxmances crumble and situation ships implode. There are nearly 8 billion people on the planet, and at least three who could be your soul mate. Do you keep bringing in the same sad pockets? Stop fishing in that factory pond and cast your rod into wider oceans where you might find someone wild and fresh. Since Jupiter is the global ambassador, you need to diversify your dating portfolio. Do you need to fix things up with your amour? A change of scenery will get your blood pumping!

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