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Ways To Organize With Plastic Baskets

Ways To Organize With Plastic Baskets

No matter where you place them – inside the closet, on shelves, under the sink, on the floor – they can store and organize all the things in the house and still be part of the decor. The plastic baskets (ตะกร้า พลาสติก which is the term in Thai). They can be found in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and, thanks to this diversity, they can be used for the most varied purposes – from the mess in the pantry to the items you use most in the kitchen.

If the subject is an organization, be sure to have some of these allies on hand. And remember! No organization system will work if you have too much. So, whenever you start any organizing project, start with eliminating what you don’t need – items to throw away and items that can be donated. This step is certainly not much fun, but it will be rewarding, you can bet.

Where to use plastic baskets? That answer is easy: wherever you want! See some examples and get inspired!

1 – In The Pantry

Here they create niches and help keep everything easy to see. You can also invest in different colors for different food categories.

2 – In The Bathroom

Medicines, makeup, cosmetics, everything on the countertop or in the closet can be organized with charming baskets.

3 – In The Laundry

There are no secrets here. Use the baskets to organize cleaning supplies and clothes – baskets for dirty laundry and to store clean clothes before they are ironed.

Keep a basket with the products you use most in daily maintenance. So, you can take the basket with all the items at once and make your work easier. Organizing by sectors is also a good idea: cleaning products, clothes, spare items and everything else stored in this room. On high shelves, use labels to identify the contents of each basket.

4 – In The Kitchen

Small spices, utensils, packaging, everything can be organized using plastic baskets.

Refrigerators also tend to be challenging to organize, so plastic baskets can be a great asset, especially if you have several items of the same product. Sector and always keep the items with the shortest expiration date ahead. Label everyday items and invest in models with handles or handles, making handling easier.

5 – In The Children’s Room

Toys are scattered around, it’s true, but there’s nothing like using large baskets to keep everything organized – even if for a short time.

Sector the toys, leave the most used one’s insight and store the others on shelves or cabinets. Encourage the child to collect their toys after use. Nothing like creating a good habit, right?