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Unaltered Belly Fat Burner Review

Unaltered Belly Fat Burner Review

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My daughter asked me about this fat burner product a few days ago and I told her beforehand that like all these fake fat burning supplements, this is pure nonsense. I really wish these unproven supplements were made illegal as the unscrupulous marketers take advantage of the desperate and gullible among us. There is no over-the-counter fat burner supplement in America that will do anything to help you lose body fat. If you’re serious about healthy weight loss, you should change your lifestyle to one that eliminates foods that contain added sugars, as well as processed foods that contain added sugars, high amounts of sodium, unhealthy fats, and preservatives that don’t belong there. food, except to extend shelf life. These foods often contain meat that was slaughtered up to several months or years ago. Just look at the expiration dates to see for yourself.

What’s in this waste fat burner?

The main ingredient that makes up this supplement is CLA, or rather Conjugated Linoleic Acid. A popular weight loss supplement, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a fatty acid found in meats and dairy and believed to have several health benefits. However, the CLA in this fat burner comes from safflower oil, which is said to target stubborn belly fat so you can slim, trim and tone your waistline. If you believe this nonsense I also have a nice bridge to sell to you…

Linoleic acid is the most abundant omega-6 fatty acid and is found in many vegetable oils. The “conjugate” prefix is ​​actually a scientific term related to the arrangement of the double bonds in the fatty acid molecule. CLA is technically a trans fat, but it is a natural type of trans fat found in many healthy foods. (1)

Note: CLA is a naturally occurring trans fat and is not the same as industrial trans fats which are indeed harmful to your health.

Meat and milk from ruminants such as cows, goats and sheep are the main dietary sources of CLA. However, the total amounts of CLA found in these foods vary widely depending on what the animals ate. For example, the difference in total CLA content between grass-fed and grain-fed cows can vary by as much as 300 to 500%. (2)

CLA that occurs naturally in food sources does indeed have health benefits, but you should keep in mind that the CLA you find in supplements does not come from natural foods. The CLA found in these fake fat burner products is made by chemically altering linoleic acid in vegetable oils.

You can take these supplements, but there are a few risks you should know before overusing them. As many people will do, if one pill does a little good, they will take more than one pill. The risks associated with taking too much of this fat burner isn’t just that they don’t have the same health effects as CLA from food — there could be some serious health consequences from taking them.

The body fat loss benefit of these CLA supplements has been shown to be modest at best. (3) Modest, as in an average of 0.2 pounds per week – your body weight fluctuates much more easily due to water retention, or lack thereof. (3)

Health risks of taking too many of these fat burner supplements that contain CLA.

It is indeed true that there is some evidence that it is beneficial to get small amounts of natural CLA from food. That said, the CLA found in supplements comes in much higher doses than the amounts people get from dairy or meat. As is often the case, some molecules and nutrients are beneficial when found in natural amounts in real foods, but become harmful when taken in large doses. Studies show that this is the case with CLA supplements used as fat burners.

Some human clinical studies at reasonable doses indicate that CLA supplements can cause a variety of mild or moderate side effects, including diarrhea, insulin resistance, and oxidative stress. However, large doses of supplemental CLA can cause an increased buildup of fat in your liver, which is a stepping stone to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. (4) Additionally, numerous studies in both animals and humans reveal that CLA can cause inflammation, induce insulin resistance, and lower “good” HDL cholesterol. (5)

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It comes down to.

Don’t bother with any of these over-the-counter body fat burner supplements. At best, the fat loss you will gain is so slight that you won’t know the difference between actual fat loss and water loss. You can lose more weight by emptying your bladder before stepping on your scale. Or worst case scenario, you could experience an adverse effect on your health. If you’re serious about losing weight, follow us here on David’s Way for free. We will always have the best and most direct information you will ever find regarding healthy weight loss.

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