Home Health Tips Three IFBB Pros Share Their Offseason Dieting Regimens

Three IFBB Pros Share Their Offseason Dieting Regimens

Three IFBB Pros Share Their Offseason Dieting Regimens

One of the many advantages that a platform like Femme Flex Friday offers is that athletes can share their knowledge and experience to help the viewers. Whether it’s a competitor looking to become a pro or someone simply trying to improve overall well-being, every episode of FFF can make a difference to those who watch.

A recent episode featured three IFBB Pros joining hosts Whitney Jones and Alina Popa for this reason. Maureen Blanquiso (Bikini), Zenobia Graham (Figure) and Kristina Mendova (Women’s Bodybuilding) know a lot about competition preparation and making the most of the off-season. The latter was the topic of conversation in this episode.

Mendoza talked about the transition between the final weeks of show preparation and the early stages of the off-season.

“You’re skinny for a few months and then all of a sudden your body gets soft and you start to put on some weight. It’s five pounds, then ten pounds, even up to 20 pounds,” Mendoza said. “It’s something that’s necessary as a female bodybuilder to keep going — not just health-wise, but to build muscle and keep improving.”

Graham may be competing in the Figure division, but she explained that her off-season could be compared to the bigger league. That’s because she focuses on enjoying herself and making progress.

“In the off-season, I enjoy food and enjoy life,” she said. “I think it’s important for some people to enjoy life and not stay in a diet mode all the time.”

Graham went on to say that while she likes the benefits of structure, it can be negative if it takes too long. “I just have to find the balance.”

Blanquisco revealed that she is handling her off-season in a very different way than Graham and Mendoza due to the requirements of competing in the Bikini division.

“I have a very clear mentality that if I win too much it will be a lot harder for me,” she said. “Bikini is all about fitness, and while you might be ‘too’ hard, you certainly can’t be soft.”

Watch the full episode of FFF to see how each athlete handles their off-season business so they can give their best during the competition. You can also watch past and future episodes of FFF by logging into www.wingsofstrength.net.

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