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They Believe You Are Dumb!

They Believe You Are Dumb!

They think you're stupid with this commercialPhoto by David Yochim

Woman’s World clearly believes you are stupid by printing a cover page and a story that says you can lose twenty-three pounds by Memorial Day. Maybe you can and will lose that much weight by the next Memorial Day, but certainly not on this one that’s only 11 weeks away from today.

To lose eighty-three pounds in eleven weeks, you would need to lose 7.55 pounds a week, or in other words, you would need to lose 1.1 pounds a day.

Even if you managed to pull off this staggering feat, it’s best to be under the care of a doctor, as this kind of weight loss isn’t healthy in any way for most people.

At David’s Way to Health and Fitness, we don’t believe you are stupid, but we will recognize that you are desperate to lose weight quickly. While it’s tempting to lose weight quickly, we don’t recommend it.

Most diets that promote rapid weight loss are often nothing more than fads or gimmicks. They are almost always very low in calories and nutrients, making them lose weight quickly. However, they also come with quite a few health problems, especially if you go on a fast diet for too many weeks to lose weight.

Health Risks of Rapid Weight Loss

Losing weight too quickly carries many health risks. These risks include the loss of lean muscle mass, decreased metabolism, nutritional deficiencies, gallstones and other side effects. With these health risks, it should be illegal for greedy companies to push these ideas onto desperate or gullible people. They know there are risks, and they think you’re stupid enough to buy their magazine to find out how.

We at David’s Way know all too well what it feels like when you’ve tried everything under the sun to lose weight and can’t find success. If you’re overweight, we’ve been in your shoes to know what it’s like for you. We don’t believe you are stupid like some of these publishers do. We know and understand your problem.

You will lose muscle if you lose too fast. Instead of focusing on weight loss, we want you to focus on losing body fat. Very low-calorie diets can help you lose weight quickly. However, much of the weight you lose will come from your lean muscle mass and water. (1) (2) Losing weight too fast probably slows down your metabolism. Slowing down your metabolism is the last thing you want to do if you want to lose body fat. For some people, your metabolism determines how many calories you need to lose, maintain or even gain in a day. Studies have shown that if you lose weight quickly by eating fewer calories, you can burn up to 23% fewer calories per day than if you were more patient with your weight loss by losing weight more slowly. There are two reasons why your metabolism will drop on a very low-calorie diet. They are muscle loss and a drop in the hormones that regulate your metabolism, such as thyroid hormone. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that this drop in metabolism will last long after you stop dieting. At David’s Way, we only recommend that you don’t lose more than one or two pounds a week.(3)(4)(5) You are at risk for nutritional deficiencies if you follow a very low-calorie diet. When you restrict your calorie intake too much, you also limit the variety of your foods. It is difficult for most people to get enough important nutrients such as iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 on a low-calorie diet. If you don’t consume enough calories, your body may not be getting enough nutrients to support hair growth, which can cause hair loss. (6) Very low-calorie diets may not give you enough iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid, putting you at risk of extreme fatigue and anemia. (7) Not getting enough calories and nutrients through your diet can damage your immune system. weaken and put you at greater risk of infections.(8) A low-calorie diet can lead to weak and brittle bones caused by a lack of dietary vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. (9) Gallstones can be a painful side effect of losing weight too quickly. If you’re on a very low-calorie diet, your gallbladder doesn’t have to release the digestive juices that break down fatty foods so they can be digested. When gallstones form, they can get stuck in the opening of your gallbladder, causing a gallstone attack. If this condition occurs, you will experience severe pain and indigestion. Blocked bile ducts can be life-threatening and fatal. (10)

No, you’re not stupid like Woman’s World might think you are. We at David’s Way certainly don’t believe you are stupid. We would never insult your intelligence as these unscrupulous rags will – we think better of you and are concerned for your health. If you want to lose weight and maintain it, try it at a slow but steady rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week, give our method a try. It is and always will be free for you. We promote slow, steady weight loss as a lifestyle change that makes it easier to sustain over the long term. Our methodology is better than others simply because it is designed to help you develop healthy eating behaviors, and it is much safer than very rapid weight loss. You can find our simple and 100% free plan by clicking on this link, which will take you straight to it.

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