Home Health Tips The Ultimate Landmine Squat Guide: Step By Step Instructions, Benefits, Working Muscles

The Ultimate Landmine Squat Guide: Step By Step Instructions, Benefits, Working Muscles

The Ultimate Landmine Squat Guide: Step By Step Instructions, Benefits, Working Muscles

Landmine squats are a great way to increase your bodybuilding.

To improve your squatting form and strength and train for advanced leg exercises, learn how to landmine squats.

What Is A Landmine Exactly?

What Is Landmine Squat Exactly

A landmine is an exercise piece.

It is a barbell that has been attached to the ground with a weight at one end.

You can apply force horizontally or vertically by changing the angle of your barbell.

To move the barbell in an arc rather than straight lines, you must use a controlled and steady speed.

Landmine Squats With Proper Form

How to Do Landmine Squat

Start with 2-4 sets of 6-12 repetitions for landmine squats.

Your ability to maintain good technique through all sets will determine your weight and sets.

Stand facing the barbell and place one end into the landmine device.

Place your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees slightly.

Your posture should be straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, your knees bent, and your shoulders up.

Your shoulders should rest directly above your hips, with your head and neck neutral.

Your chin should be tucked during the movement, like holding an egg under it.

To create a stable foot position, evenly distribute your weight.

Use both your hands to grasp the end of the bar.

Your elbows should touch your ribcage.

Engage your core.

Your pelvis should be slightly tucked, and your ribs should be in a down position.

This position should be the starting point for all repetitions.

Begin your downward movement by bending your knees, hips, and ankles.

Your legs should be parallel to the floor or slightly lower.

Your feet should have equal weight.

Lie down at the bottom.

Push your feet towards the ground to begin the upward movement.

Keep your toes engaged and push through your heel and mid-foot.

Stand tall and keep your chest up.

Squeeze your glutes and let your hips move forward.

After you’re done, squeeze your quadriceps and glutes while keeping a neutral spine.

For as many repetitions as you like, repeat the landmine squat.

How Many Sets & Reps Are Needed?

How to Landmine Squat

The number of sets and reps you do will depend on your fitness goals.

Exercise goals tend to be based on strength and hypertrophy.

You can determine how many sets or reps you should perform based on your goals.

Strength: 5 reps, 5 sets.

Hypertrophy: 8-12 reps, 3-4 sets.

Muscular Endurance: 12+ reps. 3 sets

You should choose a weight that will give you a challenge in the final 2 reps of each set when it comes to choosing how much weight to use.

This means that if your goal is to gain strength and thus do fewer reps than usual, you should use more weight than if you were training for muscular endurance.

How Does The Landmine Squat Work With Muscles?

How Does The Landmine Squat Work With Muscles

Squats with landmines are a great option for targeting quads in the landmines quad area, especially for taller individuals who may have difficulty using traditional squats.

Landmine squats are a great way to build lower body strength.

They are also safer and less impactful than other options.

Landmine squats target many different muscles in both the lower and core.

GlutesQuadsObliquesAbdominalsHamstringsDeltoids, scapular stabilizing muscle, and scapular stabilizing musclesTrapezius

These squats offer all the benefits of traditional squats and teach form and technique.

What Are The Benefits Of Landmine Squats?

What Are The Benefits Of Landmine Squats

The greatest benefit of the landmine-squat is its accessibility.

The front and back squats require confidence and time to master, while the landmine squat takes much less.

However, it’s still very effective and can be used to engage all your muscles.

Doing a landmine-squat has many benefits, including:

The landmine squat is a great way to increase lower body strength and muscle mass and eliminate muscle imbalance.The landmine squat is the perfect technique and position for anyone new to squats The landmine squat can be used to work a wide range of musclesThe landmine squat can be a great low-impact exercise for those who work around injuries.Landmine squats can be a joint-friendly form of squat.Landmine squats have been a popular form of the squat for taller people to increase their quads.The landmine squat can be a great tool for improving your core and overall aesthetic.Transferable benefits can be obtained from deadlifts or other forms of the squat using the landmine squat

Other squat forms, such as front squats and back squats or goblin squats, or overhead squats, have a reputation.

These squat forms can be difficult and intimidating due to their technique and practice to master them.

Also, they are heavy and require a lot of weight lifting.

While not overwhelming for the beginner, the landmine squat is an entirely different beast.

It offers something really useful for everyone.

Give the landmine a try next time you go to the gym.

It will be a decision you won’t regret.

Landmine Squat And Back Squat: What Is The Difference?

Landmine Squat And Back Squat What Is The Difference

Back squats and landmine squats target the same muscle groups and can be equally effective in building strength throughout your body.

Landmine squats, however, are safer for your joints.

They also place less stress on the lower back.

You can have greater control over how heavy your barbell is by attaching a landmine attachment to it.

Landmine squats have a fixed motion, making it easier for you to learn proper form.

After you have perfected your squat landmine form, you can try other variations of squats, such as box squats and hack squats.

Take Care

You must be careful with weight training or any other type of exercise.

Here are some of these:

Always use proper form. If you are unsure how to perform the exercises, consult an exercise professional.Do not lift too much weight or gain too much weight too quickly.Take a break if you feel any pain or injuries from landmine training.Modify your routine if you are prone to injuries or recovering from one.If you have high blood pressure or any other health condition, talk to your doctor. You can continue to take any prescribed medications.

Landmine Squat Variations

Landmine Squat Variations

You can also do the landmine squat unilaterally by performing it in a split-squat position.

Unilateral exercises can provide many benefits, including better balance and coordination and additional training for your core muscles.

Unilateral movements such as the landmine split squat can correct muscle imbalances and strengthen your non-dominant side.

This will enable you to lift more during bilateral exercise.

Unilateral training works best when combined with bilateral exercises.

This means that you can switch the landmine squat to a split-stance option every now and again. For more information, see the video below.

Setup And Equipment

You can place one end of the barbell in a mine holder, or you can check out our landmine attachment solutions in this post.To the end, free of charge, add weight plates.

Start Position

Grab the bar with both hands and hold it at chest level.Keep your feet together in a split position, with one leg straight ahead, and the other bent slightly behind you. This will raise your back heel.


To drive the movement, lower yourself and start with your back leg.Begin to squat until your back knee touches the ground.You should check your form. Your front knee should align with your toes.Keep your back straight and do the recommended repetitions of the same leg.Switch legs to make the second set.

Landmine Hack Squat

You can also use the landmine attachment to make the hack squat safer.

Hack squats can be a powerful quad exercise performed in a hack-squat machine.

However, they are not the safest for your knees.

Hack squat with landmine is safer because it requires support from the core stabilizer muscles.

It allows you to stand on your feet and not your legs, making it safer for knee extension.

This variation places the weight onto the muscles of your posterior chain.

This forces you to place the weight on your heels, engaging your lower body muscles, especially the quads and glutes.

Here’s how you can landmine hack squat.

Setup And Equipment

Place a barbell in the attachment to a landmine or in a corner.Use weight plates to load the barbell.

Start Position

Position yourself to lift the barbell so your back aligns with the landmine attachment. Then, lean against the weight plates until your body and barbell form an angle.Place the barbell at the top of one shoulder.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.


Lower yourself into a deep squat.Push yourself up by pushing through your heels.You can maximize the benefits of hypertrophy exercise by not pushing yourself too high. Keep your muscles relaxed and under tension.

You can combine the two landmine squat exercises mentioned above to make a Landmine Split Stance Hack Squat if you really want to push yourself.

Hack Squat With Landmine (Split Stance)

You can also try a split stance if you have mastered the landmine hack squat.

Because it only works on one side, this movement is more intense.

This movement requires greater stability, which can also benefit core development.

We’ve had enough of the chit-chat; here’s how you can do it!

Setup And Equipment

Set up the landmine, and load the barbell with weight plates.

Start Position

Stand with your back towards the landmine attachment and hold the barbell high above your right shoulder.Place your feet in a split position, your left foot in front and your right leg behind you. Your right heel should be raised.


You should lower your body until your right knee touches the ground.Push yourself up again and do the same for the sets or reps (recommended).Start the first set with the same leg, then switch your position to start the second set.

Landmine Thruster

The landmine thrust is the final variation in our list.

This combination combines two of the most well-known landmine exercises, the squat or the press.

The pressing movement can be combined with the upper body to work out.

This exercise is particularly good for increasing shoulder strength and size.

This exercise requires all the muscle work of the landmine squat (which can be found above) and a lot of work on the delts, traps, and triceps.

This variation of the landmine exercise is a great way to work your entire body.

See how it works below.

Setup And Equipment

Place the barbell on a landmine attachment, and load the end free of charge with weight plates.

Start Position

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the barbell at chest level with both of your hands.


Keep the barbell at chest level. Now, squat down until your thighs meet the ground.Take a deep breath.Push your heels forward to get back to the starting position. Keep the barbell at chest level.Keep your starting position.Continue to move the weight forward with both your hands until your arms extend fully.Retire the weight to your chest.Continue the movement by lowering your back into a squat.

Landmine half-kneeling press

This exercise can be done on your knees to stabilize your body.

These exercises work the following muscles.

deltoidspectoralis major, minorscapular stabilizerstricepsobliquescore musclesGlutes

This is how to do a half-kneeling landmine press:

Place your left leg forward and kneel.

Hold the barbell with your right hand in front of you.

Engage your core, glutes, and hamstrings.

Keep your arm extended by pressing the barbell straight up.

Engaging your core muscles as you hold the position for 1 to 2 seconds.

Slowly reduce the weight to the starting point.

Next, do the reverse.

Final Thoughts About Landmine Squats

Landmine Squats

Landmine squats are a powerful tool.

Each of the benefits they offer is a testament to their power.

These squats allow for new exercises such as the side landmine reverse lunge.

They also make traditional squats safer and more comfortable with the load.

I believe the landmine will not be going away.

In the future, racks and gyms with better landmine setups may become commonplace.

You can have a goodass body by doing only landmine exercise.

That might be a great experiment.

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