Home Health Tips The Highly Effective Belted Resistance Band Squat!

The Highly Effective Belted Resistance Band Squat!

The Highly Effective Belted Resistance Band Squat!

If you don’t include the use of flat, round resistance bands in your workout, you’re missing out! These tires offer several powerful benefits, including:

The ability to train at high speed without momentum – also called strength training, which is the key to athletic performance.

Variable resistance that provides ideal overload for important movements such as the chest press, overhead press and squat.

The resistance band squat with belt is one of many exercises you can do with these bands, and this exercise allows people with back problems to squat safely because the load is on the hips and down – not the shoulders!

How To Perform Hip Belt Resistance Band Squats?

You will need some kind of belt, such as a standard weight training belt or dip/chin strap (see here: https://tinyurl.com/4trn6hss) or you can make your own using a large diameter resistance training band such as this one: https://www.serioussteel.com/collections/bands-1/products/7-mega-steel-band-41

The best bands are multi-layer latex bands (unless you have a latex allergy). They provide the best variable resistance, feel great and last much longer than cheaper tires!

1. After you have a suitable belt to hand, you need to select the correct flat, round band to provide the right amount of resistance during the squat. This may take some experimentation, but it’s worth the time!

2. With the strap low around the top of your hips, step one foot into one end of the strap loop you selected.

3. Pass the other end through the belt loop (see videos below) and then down to the other foot so that both feet are now on one end of the circular resistance band. You can do this standing or sitting – less work sitting down.

4. Stand up and adjust the position of the strap and strap for more comfort.

5. Then do your squats.

Watch these excellent how-to videos to see how to do this with two different straps:

Band Squat Setup from resistancebandtraining.com – https://youtu.be/lCqnMzlMfCs showing how to use a large band as a belt. Excellent video that also shows you an easy way to adjust the tire load higher by making an extra loop at the feet.

Hip Belt Squat from Testosterone Nation – https://youtu.be/LabcPf9kIoE – shows how to use a dip/chin strap and several variations including using a plug for both hands.

What’s really great about this setup is that you can load up jumps to provide some of the most effective explosive strength training possible without straining your lower back!

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