Stitch technique or non-incision double eyelid surgical procedure involved practice two decades ago. This approach was and still is, a popular approach to developing double eyelids. The appeal of this technique is that the surgical treatment fasts is cheaper than the conventional cut approach, as well as does not leave any marks. This approach is perfect for clients that do not have any eyelid ptosis, or sagging, as well as for those who do not have any type of excess skin.


The surgical treatment in natural beauty eyes [ตาสวยธรรมชาติ, which is the term in Thai] is carried out by making small stab or pin-prick incisions. Fat in the eyelid can be eliminated from among these small openings in people with puffy or fatty eyelids. Then, a long-term nylon suture can be passed from the skin to the deeper layer of the eyelid. There are various patterns and amounts of the passing away of sutures that can be done. As a whole, the more the sutures are passed from the skin to the deeper layer of the eyelid, the stronger the double eyelid fold will be. Among the negatives of the stitch technique or the sewn, non-cutting double eyelid surgery is that the double eyelid fold can loosen with time. The fold helping to loosen occurs due to the irreversible stitch rips/cheese-wire with the eyelid skin. The result is that the double eyelid fold will show up tiny or the fold will totally disappear.


As you can see, the cut or open approach to double eyelid surgery is a flexible technique to develop a double eyelid fold or layer. Nonetheless, among the downsides of this surgical procedure has been the noticeable mark in the high-gear eyelid layer itself! A visible mark can show when the client shuts her/his eyes as the suture is strongly repaired to the deeper layer of the eyelid. The good news is that some doctors have produced a method where there is a minimally visible scar after making a cut on the eyelid. The sophisticated technique of laceration double eyelid surgical treatment is absolutely revolutionary in that all individuals can now have the excellent double eyelid fold, as well as fold without worrying about having a mark! Furthermore, the outcome needs to last several years without needing to stress over the double eyelid layer loosening!


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