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Supplements to Optimize Resistance to Viral Infections!

Supplements to Optimize Resistance to Viral Infections!

Yes – there are supplements that are proven to support optimal immune function and resistance to infections! Combined with a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular aerobic and strength training and a healthy diet, these supplements can make a huge difference in your ability to withstand serious infections from many different viruses! Learn about the most important supplements to consider with your healthcare provider to support optimal immune function.

Quercetin – a herbal chemical with a strong antiviral effect that is highly proven to prevent and reduce all kinds of viral infections, as well as being excellent for allergies. In the case of Covid, it is particularly suitable because it is a zinc ionophore, meaning it floats zinc in the cells, which hydroxychloroquine does, but it does this without side effects and without a prescription. For Quercetin to work properly, it is critical to use one of three bioavailable forms to optimize results.

Quercetin Phytosome by Thorne – Recommended Dosage for Effects – 600mg per day – 2 – 3 Capsules

Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix by Natural Factors – 500mg per day – 2 capsules per day

Bioactive Quercetin EMIQ by Natural Factors – 200mg per day – 4 capsules

Two clinical trials of quercetin have just shown how effective it is for Covid – see this recent blog entry on the subject: http://workoutanytime.blogspot.com/2021/08/quercetin-your-key-to-minimizing-covid.html

These quercetin supplements are all available on Amazon and both Natural Factors and Thorne produce the highest quality supplements in direct compliance with pharmaceutical manufacturing guidelines for proper manufacturing so you know what you are taking!

Do NOT use Quercetin if you are on blood thinners!!!

Zinc – if you regularly eat meat, oysters or pumpkin seeds, you probably get enough zinc. You want a minimum of 15mg per day from all sources and 30mg is better – especially for those who drink alcohol or are vegans/vegetarians. Use a high-quality chelated form of zinc such as zinc picolinate or zinc gluconate or “Optizinc”, another chelated form of zinc. Don’t keep total zinc intake above 50mg per day – too much causes its own problems and take it with a meal!

Zinc tablets – Zinc tablets are particularly effective at fighting all respiratory viruses, including Covid, and you will want to have them on hand and start taking them IMMEDIATELY if you have symptoms, but NOT sooner. Not something you take prophylactically! The best type is Life Extension’s Zinc Acetate. You ALWAYS want to have them on hand, because this ONLY works if you start right away! Follow the directions on the label.

Vitamin C – if you take a decent multi and regularly eat fruits and vegetables, you get enough C every day. However, I strongly recommend that you buy several bottles liposomal vitamin C are available to start with large doses at the onset of symptoms. This form of C is the most bioavailable form you can get orally. Start taking 2000 mg immediately and every two hours until you reach gut tolerance. Bowel tolerance refers to the fact that when you take in more than you can absorb in your gut, your gut becomes loose – nothing terrible. IT’S KEY to use it more and more until you get to this level and you’ll find that if you’re sick you can take a bunch of it before you get to this point whereas if you’re not sick you’ll lose your gut tolerance much sooner reaches. C is VERY powerful, but ONLY if you get enough in you!

Vitamin D and K2 – Guys, if you’re not checking your Vitamin D level PLEASE GET STARTED – You can get a test from your doc or order a home test with a finger prick or order your own lab test without a doctor. Optimizing vitamin D levels is the single most important thing you can do to avoid ending up in a hospital in case you get covid and you need to do it NOW! Taking megadoses when you are sick does NOT work as well as getting tested and replenishing to optimal levels† See the image below for the starting point of dosing based on blood test results.

For most people, this requires at least 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day (only in the form). ALWAYS TAKE Vitamin D WITH Vitamin K2 – a fat-soluble form of K that is essential for optimal absorption and effectiveness of D and an important part of preventing Covid problems. D with K2 is very cheap and I’d start with this immediately if you’re not sure you have good D levels – especially if you avoid the sun, which is understandable as the sun can cause damage if you get too much. D levels directly related to Covid results in many studies according to this image:

A great vitamin D and K2 product is: https://www.amazon.com/Now-Mega-D-3-Mk-7-Capsules/dp/B078QQTY5G/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=vitamin+d+and+k2&qid=1628014493&sr=8-10

melatonin Melatonin is an extremely potent anti-inflammatory supplement that can inhibit the cytokine storm that causes all the problems in people who end up having major problems with Covid. Children typically have very high melatonin levels (10 times higher than adults and 20 times higher than adults over 60), which is probably one of the reasons why they have far fewer problems with Covid. Do NOT use melatonin anytime, but right before bedtime on a daily basis – the strategy for using it during an active Covid infection is very different!!! I would recommend having it on hand in case you get covid and taking it as follows if you have covid symptoms:

Melatonin dosage in COVID-19 infection
If you are in self-quarantine at home, the following dose applies.

Melatonin COVID-19 Infection Dosage: 5 milligrams to 50 milligrams

The lower range is for individuals with mild or no symptoms. The higher range is for older individuals or those with more severe symptoms.

Those taking ACE inhibitors or who have heart disease or hypertension should consult their doctor before taking high doses of melatonin. Note that melatonin can lower blood pressure and cause hypotension at higher doses.

The correct infection dose should ideally be divided into day and night doses.

Daytime – 40% of the total daily dose, divided into small equal portions to be taken every TWO HOURS.

Night – 60% of the total daily dose, divided into two servings 2-3 hours after dinner. The last dose in the evening should be completed by 10 pm at the latest.

If someone has diabetes or has insulin resistance, DO NOT TAKE MELATONIN. Melatonin can suppress insulin.

Please note that the oral dosage higher than the physiological concentration is only applicable during infections. High dose melatonin supplementation MUST BE SUPPORTED (vitamin C which does NOT need to be taken at the same time – follow C instructions above). You may not experience all the benefits of melatonin if there is no vitamin C.

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