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Do not wish success!

I remember wasting many years “wishing” I was fit and healthy. I thought a lot about success in fitness every day. I bought several books, participated in programs and bought gym memberships. I tried to move enough so that I could eat what I wanted. I went to great lengths to avoid simply being accountable to myself for my own well-being. It has been said that the simplest answer is usually the answer and nowhere is this more true than in the pursuit of fitness. Eat better, move more. That’s about it. I was willing to try something different and my weight was bouncing all over the place. I’ve had size 22 and size 7 at 5’6″. Until I became responsible for my own actions, I had no stability and my health started to suffer.

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People who are successful at something have a number of common characteristics. They are positive about everything they do. They are optimistic that the activity is worth the effort they put into it. Something as simple as a thesis can turn out to be great or a complete failure, depending on the expected outcome. If you think you will get a good grade, you will do your best for the project. If you think you will fail no matter what, you will plod through the research with the least amount of effort and the resulting article will show your lack of enthusiasm. The same goes for your pursuit of health and fitness. If you have clear goals and think they are worthwhile and achievable, you will work harder, longer and reap the rewards.


Be willing to learn for success!

You must be willing to learn to achieve success. We’ve all seen the guy who walks into a gym and instantly becomes an expert. This is the same man who gives unwanted advice, bends incessantly in the mirror and talks more than he works. If it’s a woman, she probably spends more time on her phone and adjusting her ponytail than exercising. No matter what a trainer tries to tell them, once the trainer is out of the picture, they resort to their own way of doing things. Before long, they stopped coming to the gym. They are not teachable.

Health and fitness should be studied. In the past, healthy living was taken for granted. People ate full of food, worked hard and slept well. Unfortunately, those days are over. The fast-paced, drive-thru, microwave, instant world we find ourselves in is conducive to laziness and neglect of the human body. It is necessary to learn the lost art of being healthy. With social media taking over, false perfect looks have replaced a healthy, natural body as the standard to be achieved. Because perfection is impossible without photoshop, people just give up. Forget the lying hype of social media and learn about health.

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Resilience is always present in a successful project. Resilience allows you to realize when a course of action needs to be adjusted and allows you to find a course that works. Sometimes when we start a new lifestyle, we want to stick to old ways. If those habits didn’t give you the ending you wanted in the past, why do you think they will now? As you learn new ways to eat and move your body, you must turn away from habits that no longer serve your new goals. Resilience allows you to find the path that will work to get you where you want to go. Follow the ebb and flow of learning and change. Only in this way can growth take place.

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Success comes through persistence!

All success is based on perseverance. When I first started lifting weights, I had “Newbie Gains”. I gained muscle and increased my strength quickly. I was intoxicated by the feeling of power pouring into my body. I couldn’t believe how quickly I changed! David warned me that I would “fail” first at the Overhead Press because it used the smallest muscles in the body. Boy was he right! When I was first unable to complete all of my reps, it was hard to accept. If David hadn’t warned me about it, I would have thought I just wasn’t fit to lift. The truth is that if I hadn’t gotten to that point I wouldn’t have hesitated to lift because that would have meant I’d already quit!

EVERYONE gets to that point. The gains come slower and slower until they stop for a while. That’s when you find out if you’re a hitchhiker. If you are, keep lifting. You analyze your diet, sleep and activities to see where you can improve and then move on. The divine feeling of wrecking your workout every time you walk into the gym is over. Now it’s time to dig in and STAY. Then you really get strong.

This method of PERSISTEN makes you strong in everything. If you run every time something gets difficult or you “fail”, you will never master anything. Mastery takes time and a lot of perseverance. If you want to master your nutrition, it works the same way. You can make some changes and get good results, but as you get leaner and more athletic, you may need to make more. When you first start counting your calories, you will be able to eat more than you would after losing some weight. If you hit a plateau and you know you’re counting your calories accurately, it may be time to scale them down. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL PHYSICIAN BEFORE STARTING ANY WEIGHT LOSS OR TRAINING PROGRAM. Ask him/her how much you should eat if your weight loss slows or stops.

As you get fitter, you may need more exercise to get the results you want. I sure did. Being persistent and adapting to the changes in our bodies is necessary if we want to achieve lifelong fitness. At 65 I definitely need more exercise than at 25 to build and maintain muscle. Being persistent in figuring out what you need to upgrade, change, reduce or completely redo is imperative to being successful in any endeavor of life.

And for heaven’s sake, remove negative influences from your life! You cannot be successful if you are surrounded by people who are jealous and lazy.

Oh, did I say “Eat breakfast!”? Do that. Otherwise, you will eat too much at a certain time of the day.

Above all, take care of yourself first. Otherwise you will fail at everything. Self-care is necessary to take care of others. Get enough sleep. That’s more important than most people realize. If you have trouble sleeping, see your doctor.

When you decide that you are responsible to yourself for your health and well-being, it changes the way you live your life. You will find success.

Remember, take care of your body.

It’s the only place you should live.

You will live or die with your decisions. Make good ones.


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