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Strategies to Support Struggling Teens in Crisis Situations 

<strong>Strategies to Support Struggling Teens in Crisis Situations </strong>


The San Gabriel Valley Teen and Family Services (SGVT) is an organization that focuses on providing essential services to the youth and families in the region. SGVT strives to provide a safe, nurturing environment for teens to explore their interests, develop new skills, and make positive choices. The goal of SGVT is to help teens reach their fullest potential while providing support and guidance in a variety of areas. Here’s how they do it. 

Development Programs: SGVT offers development programs designed to help teens grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. Through individualized instruction, group activities, field trips, community service projects, leadership initiatives, and more, SGVT helps build self-esteem, confidence, problem solving skills, decision making abilities, communication skills and more. Teens can also explore career goals by participating in internships with local businesses or shadowing professionals in different industries. 

Mental Health Support: SGVT provides mental health support to teens through therapy sessions as well as group sessions focused on topics such as stress management, healthy relationships building and more. In addition to therapy services provided at their center location in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles County they offer home visits for those who need access to mental health services but are unable to come into the office due to location or other related issues. 

Family Support Services: SGVT also provides family support services which include parenting classes and workshops tailored specifically for parents of teenagers in order to help them learn effective strategies for communication with their children while also developing strong bonds between them. Parents can also receive support from trained professionals who will provide advice on navigating difficult times such as when your teen faces bullying or depression. These services not only strive to strengthen parent-child relationships but also create a supportive atmosphere for families within the community overall.   


At San Gabriel Valley Teen & Family Services (SGVT), we understand that being a teenager can be difficult—but it doesn’t have to be! With our development programs designed specifically for teens as well as mental health support services available both at our office location or through our home visits program; we are committed helping all teenagers live their best life! Our family support services are designed for parents who want advice on how best navigate these teenage years so that everyone can thrive together! With all these resources combined; you’ll have the tools you need live your best life today! Come see us at our office located conveniently right downtown Los Angeles County! We look forward meeting you soon!