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Selecting the best teeth whitening kit

Selecting the best teeth whitening kit

You stick this easy-to-use adhesive strip to the surface of your teeth for about 30 minutes, sometimes longer, to whiten your teeth. Each step needs to be repeated each day for a certain period of time, usually a fortnight.

Stains and plaque are more effectively removed by these toothpastes than regular toothpastes. Some products contain mild abrasives or bleaching agents, while others contain activated carbon. Home kits can be used together with them.

The process can seem complex, but you’ll have a user manual to guide you through the steps, which basically involve dipping the molds in boiling water before fitting them to your teeth (like a mouth guard). Afterwards, you place the tray against your teeth and add the whitening gel. Results are immediate.

Most dentists will recommend this type of Teeth whitening kits, but you will need to work with them to have your tray molded specifically for your teeth and learn how to apply the gel and tray at home. The self-treatment kit will get you the best results of all the kits listed here if you want to work with a professional and are willing to spend a little more, but cannot afford laser or LED treatment.

As the name implies, the process is similar to the custom lightening tray, except the tray isn’t fitted to your exact mouth shape. It’s a good compromise if you can cover all the surface area of your teeth with your tray. Your teeth may not look equally straight, however, if they are a little crooked

While the LED light won’t make your teeth whiter, it will accelerate the teeth whitening gel and make it more effective at breaking down tough stains. Even if you don’t have a custom-made tray, the LED light will help shorten the time the gel stays in your mouth.

Designed as a portable handbag or pocket kit, this kit includes a thin, plastic tube that contains whitening gel. It can be used on hard-to-reach areas and for touch-ups.

What is the safety of teeth whitening kits?

If you get your kit from an established source and follow the instructions carefully, then yes. It’s still best to select your kit only after consulting your dentist, as some people have more sensitive teeth. We have reviewed all non-harmful products.

When using strips, some people experience tooth sensitivity, but some strips are more gentle than others. Home bleaching kits can cause soreness and blistering of the gums and lips, but gum shields help prevent this, and even if some of the solution does leak on and cause soreness, these symptoms are short-lived. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid using these kits, as well as kits that recommend a minimum age for use.Using teeth whitening kits too frequently may damage tooth enamel, according to studies.