A buddy of yours has been talking a lot about how he and his wife started experimenting with a couples vibrator in their love life and is full of praise. Your girlfriend is now curious about using one, but you are feeling a bit uncomfortable about it. It’s understandable that you might feel a little concerned, but you don’t need to worry! A great vibrator for couples can be a powerful way to improve your love life.

Don’t Be Afraid of Vibrators

Multiple studies have found that vibrators are a great and healthy tool for a woman’s sexual life. However, they can also be useful for men when used properly. Using a vibrator for couples can provide you and your girlfriend with a lot of unique benefits that make them more than worth the investment. Using a vibrator in bed with your girlfriend can:

  • Increase sexual excitement by providing steady and controlled stimulation
  • Provide safe and effective stimulation for both men and women
  • Help minimize fatigue by taking some control over the situation
  • Lets you or your wife please themselves when the other is done
  • Provides self-stimulation help when your loved one is away from home

All of these benefits make vibrators a wise investment for you and your girlfriend or wife. Understand that many vibrators for couples also include attachments designed for men. These attachments can stimulate your penis in various ways and provide many unique benefits. In fact, it’s worth looking at a few different ways that men can enjoy vibrators to help you understand their overall use.

Ways You Can Enjoy Vibrators

  • Penis Stimulation: If your girlfriend really wants to get you going before having sex, she can turn on your vibrator and apply it to your penis. A gentle vibration can increase your erection size and help you have a more enjoyable experience as a couple.
  • Anal Stimulation: We know that a lot of men are a little uncomfortable experimenting with anal stimulation. However, you can use a vibrator to try it out and see what you think. Remember: you can enjoy anal stimulation in a heterosexual relationship.
  • Continued Vaginal Stimulation: If you finish before your wife, and she’s not ready to stop, it’s exhausting to keep up with her. It’s a situation many men have found themselves in: the post-orgasm blues. However, a vibrator helps you stimulate your girl without wearing yourself out.

Talking About Vibrators With Your Girl

Before jumping headfirst into the vibrator pool with your lady, it is important to sit down and talk about them with her. Discuss what you both want from vibrator use, including what size, power, and shape is perfect for you. If you’re not sure about these factors, do some research at a local sex shop.

Visiting these shops can be a lot of fun because you can find fun sex toys you didn’t even know exist or find adult films that you can enjoy together. If you feel uncomfortable in these shops, never fear. You can buy many of these items online and avoid visiting shops in person.

Let Yourself Have Fun

As you can see, a vibrator for you and your girlfriend might be just what you need to improve your sex life. Understand that there are many options on the market and that you might need to do a little research with your girl to find one that you both like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different models or even buy more than one. It’s your sex life: do what you want with it!


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