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Know About The Dental Emergencies and What To Do in Such Situations

Know About The Dental Emergencies and What To Do in Such Situations

Anyone at any time can have a dental emergency. Tooth decay, a chipped tooth, gum disease are common dental emergencies. People always try their best to prevent these emergencies with proper dental care. However, the best way of preserving your oral health is by knowing what to do in case of emergencies to prevent long-term damage. 

One of the best ways to keep your oral health in check is to visit your dentist regularly. The Orion Dental Specialties have been helping their patients to keep their smile healthy and beautiful for more than 30years now. The Orion Dental Specialties provide specially designed oral care to their patients as per their requirements.

By knowing what to do when you encounter a dental emergency, you not only reduce pain, but also prevent long-term damage. Fast and immediate response and correct first aid treatment can help you to restore your good oral health. Mentioned below is a brief overview of some common dental emergencies and what to do in such cases.


Any pain is never a good thing sign. Pain is always a sign indicating different conditions like tooth decay. Sometimes you may experience a toothache because of – 

  • periodontal disease 
  • wisdom tooth
  • carious

Sometimes, you can manage some toothaches without any emergency treatment, but toothache with swelling needs urgent attention from the emergency dentist Cypress TX. In such a situation, it’s best to stay away from over-the-counter pain relievers and aspirin.

When a painkiller comes in contact with the affected gums, it can burn the tissue. Instead of using painkillers, you can apply a cold compress on the cheek outside. Still, the best thing is to call a dental clinic for emergency care. After getting the treatment, the dentist won’t stress enough the importance of basic oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay, cavities, and other dental problems. 

Broken or chipped teeth

Chipped teeth are the dental emergency you face when you bite down on something a bit hard. A broken or chipped tooth not only hurts but also ruins your smile. In such an emergency, rinse your mouth with warm water. After rinsing, put a piece of gauze on the bleeding site. Use a cold compress on the closest part to the broken tooth. It will help you to reduce pain and swelling. At the same time, contact emergency dentist Cypress.

After getting the treatment, you will see your dentist advising you to be careful of bitting down on crunchy or hard foods and activities or sports that can chip or break your teeth. 

Other dental emergencies

Other dental emergencies seeking the attention of dental emergency Cypress TX services are knocked-out teeth and lost filling or crown. Broken orthodontics and abscess are also falling in the category of dental emergencies. On the other hand, you need to seek emergency dental care if you are experiencing pain or bleeding after tooth extraction.

You can always protect yourself from all these dental emergencies by decreasing ingestion of sugar-containing food and properly brushing your tooth. Regular fluoride use and dental check-up with early treatment can also protect you from toothache and other dental problems.