When we think of the planets and their position in the sky when we were born, the sun, as we know, is overhead during the day, while the moon is overhead at night. As astrologer Kayse Budd, MD tells mbg, “The astrological sun is a key energy in people’s personalities,” adding that those born when the sun is at or near its zenith (noon), large, bold, have extroverted personalities.

Those born at night, on the other hand, have the sun in the lower half of their cards, which is more private, personal, internal and introverted, she explains. “Obviously, when the sun is at the bottom of the chart, one becomes more sensitive, more reserved, more reflective and receptive – and being more reflective is [to be] more like the moon,” Budd notes.

With the sun below and the moon above, she says, the sun’s impact is essentially “muffled” or attenuated. Not to say it still has no impact, but “the relative impact of the moon is slightly stronger or more apparent,” she explains.

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