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How to Start Your Recovery from Addiction

How to Start Your Recovery from Addiction

Drug addiction or alcoholism affects millions of people all over the world, and no one wants to suffer in silence any longer than they have to. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and addiction, it’s time to find the help you need to start your recovery today and live a happy, healthy life that’s free from harmful substances. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about addiction recovery and how to get started, so that you can move forward toward a brighter future sooner than later.

Stages of Rehab

After you decide to enter rehab, one of your first questions is going to be: What kind of program do I need? There are two main stages in most treatment programs for addiction. You can identify which stage you’re in based on how serious and how long-lasting your drug or alcohol problem has been. 

Stage One—Emergence—usually lasts about a week and is focused on managing withdrawal symptoms and stabilizing your physical health. The next stage, often called detoxification, lasts roughly 30 days. Detox is designed to help you manage cravings for drugs or alcohol as well as give you time for your body to reset and recover from years of abuse. During detox, most people don’t experience severe symptoms. In fact, they may not even realize they’re experiencing them because they aren’t yet fully aware of what life was like while their bodies were dependent on drugs or alcohol. 

Once you complete detox, you move into Stage Two—Rehabilitation. This phase is where you learn new ways to live without substances that cause problems in your life. It includes therapy sessions and other forms of treatment that will help you stay sober once you leave rehab and return home. In some cases, it also includes additional support groups such as 12-step meetings with Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). These support groups allow addicts to continue working through their recovery process after rehab ends by meeting regularly with others who share similar experiences and struggles with substance use disorder.

What Happens in Treatment

Just as there are many types of substance abuse, there are also different levels of treatment. The most basic form of care will include detoxification and follow-up programs that focus on education, counseling and aftercare. Once a person has completed detoxification and is ready for further treatment, long-term inpatient or outpatient care may be available depending on individual needs. Both forms of treatment can help a person deal with withdrawal symptoms, heal emotional wounds caused by addiction and develop skills for dealing with cravings and triggers.

How Long Does it Take?

Withdrawal is often accompanied by depression, anxiety, and drug cravings that can last for weeks or months. Although detoxification may last three to seven days, some symptoms may linger for up to 12 months—which is why it’s important not to attempt a cold turkey detox without professional support. This doesn’t mean you should delay treatment; in fact, most people with an addiction will benefit from medically supervised detox in order to safely wean off their drugs of choice while managing withdrawal symptoms.