Every morning, as I warm up my jasmine tea, I spritz some of my green gurls with water from a small misted bottle. It’s relaxing, it’s soothing and my green gurls love it! The plants I spritz are epiphytes, those plants that grow on top of other plants or trees and coexist in the most harmonious, harmless way. Some examples are the staghorn fern, green gurls from the Monstera family, mosses, orchids and Tillandsias. In their natural habitat, these quinces get their nutrients and other vital substances from the air, water, dust and debris around them.

Spritzing the aerial roots of these quinces, and in the case of my staghorn fern, spritzing the shield frond and its fronds, mimics the rainfall these quinces are used to and makes them look lush.

A note: Not all plants need to be sprinkled, as foliage that remains wet for an extended period of time is susceptible to plant diseases, mold and fungus that require a moist environment to grow.

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