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How to Look Younger at 40

How to Look Younger at 40

Aging gracefully is something you don’t spend much time thinking about when you’re young. Unfortunately, getting older tends to sneak up on you, and all of the sudden, you’re 39 and wondering what your 40s will be like. 


By the time you get there, you’re probably going to start thinking about how to look younger. However, some people around you will get noticeably older, and some will stay looking fresh. What makes the difference? 


Certainly, things like genetics play a big part in how people age. But not everything is out of your control. There are things you can do to look younger than you are and even maintain higher levels of energy as you get older. All it takes is discipline and trying things to find out what works. 


Here are some tips on what you can try to stay looking younger into your 40s and beyond. 


Get In Shape


First of all, it’s hard to age well if you’re not treating your body right. Carrying around excess weight or holding on to unhealthy habits is no way to stay looking younger. If you’re still smoking or drinking a lot, it’s hard to stay youthful no matter what you do. Get your house in order and leave all of that behind. 


Do what you can to lose weight. Even a drop of ten pounds will make an incredible difference in how young you look at 40. If you’re overweight, a big change will turn you into a completely different person. Start by changing your diet and doing whatever exercise you feel comfortable doing. Losing weight is about long-term changes, not an overnight success. Make goals for a month, six months, and a year from now, and stick to your plan as best you can. 


Put More Effort Into How You Look


When you’re young, looking good is easy. It doesn’t matter what you wear; you can get by using very few products, if any. As you get older, you’ll want to put more effort into how you dress and what skincare products you use. Hopefully, at 40, you have more disposable income than you did when you were 20. As a result, you can probably afford to invest in your wardrobe and your daily skincare routine. Most importantly, moisturize regularly to keep your skin in great condition. 


Avoid Stress


Have you ever met someone with a very demanding job who looked like it was doing a number on them? Stress can make people age prematurely, and at 40, you don’t have room to mess around. Avoiding stress will keep you healthier and happier as well as make you look younger than you are. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any stress, but you should pay more attention to how you react to stress. If it’s making you feel tired, lose sleep, eat poorly, etc., then it’s worth examining whether a job, a family situation, or anything else is worth your time. 


Get Some Sleep


Sleep is the key to looking and feeling younger. Unfortunately, too many people rob themselves of proper sleep in the name of fun or productivity. You can indeed get more done if you don’t sleep 10 hours a day, but that’s not what we’re advocating. Instead, we are saying to get enough sleep to feel rested and give your body enough time to recuperate. When you sleep, your body is carrying out critical restorative functions that make you look younger and give you the energy for the next day or week. Also, when you’re well-rested, you’re much less likely to react to stress poorly by overeating, smoking, or engaging in other destructive behaviors. 


Peptides and Aging


Oxidative damage to cells is a leading component of visual signs of aging. It also contributes to DNA damage that can lead to disease and bodily dysfunction. L-Glutathione is a peptide that researchers have found to reduce oxidative stress and fight the effects of aging. It also helps fight against free radicals that are believed to accelerate the aging process. Natural glutathione production is also subject to the effects of aging according to the studies that are done on mice.