To put this in perspective, it’s really easy to eat over 4,500 calories if you’re really going crazy and don’t pay attention to portion size, how many servings you eat, and what you eat. Since the average person burns somewhere around 2,000 calories a day, that means you’d need to fast for more than two days to get rid of all this holiday cheer!

On the other hand, let’s take a look at a more understated (yet enjoyable) Thanksgiving meal by looking at everything you’d eat, how many calories each item has, and how long it would take to burn with specific exercises. At 2,445 calories, this is a very large meal BUT if you eat this one meal a day, the typical American eats just 445 calories above their average daily calorie burn of 2,000 calories.

3 pigs in a blanket – 150 calories – 15 minutes – 15 – 20 minutes walking at moderate speed

1oz brie cheese – 95 calories – 12 minutes of continuous skating

4oz sweet potato – 187 calories – 45 minutes of weight lifting

½ cup green beans – 227 calories – 18 minutes of skipping rope

1 glass of wine – 125 calories – 10 minutes of burpees

¼ cup cranberry sauce – 102 calories – 20 minutes of cycling outdoors

3.5 oz white meat turkey with skin – 177 calories – 20 minutes of touch football

½ cup gravy – 25 calories – 3 minutes of jumping jacks

½ cup filling – 195 calories – 25 minutes of swimming

1 cup mashed potatoes – 237 calories – 1 hour canoeing

3 by 3 inch square cornbread – 198 calories – 25 minutes of stair climbing

Green Bean Casserole – 227 calories – 30 minutes of walking at a moderate pace

Pecan Pie Slive (1/8 pie) = 500 calories – 1 hour skating

Keep an eye out for specific eating, drinking, exercise and stress reduction techniques and tips for the holiday season in the coming weeks blog posts!

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