When it comes to foods that balance blood sugar, experts often cite three key nutrients: protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Add each to your meals and you should feel full and energized all day long. Guess what? Your coffee routine can easily tick two of those boxes: just add a scoop of collagen (protein!) and a spoonful of MCT oil (fats!).*

Now, of course, coffee isn’t breakfast — you should still have a hearty morning meal to keep your energy levels up — but there’s something to be said for making your cup of joe more blood sugar-friendly. Enter, Collagen: While collagen isn’t technically a complete protein (because it lacks tryptophan, one of nine essential amino acids), it still provides nearly 20 unique amino acids, so it’s a pretty good source of protein. One study has even shown that you can meet your daily amino acid requirement if 36% of your protein intake consists of collagen peptides. Starting a collagen routine has plenty of other full-body health benefits anyway, including improved skin quality, strong hair and nails, and a healthy gut, but stirring it into your coffee can make the drink a little more energy-stabilizing. .*

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