An extreme sports trip can be more than just an outlet for thrill seekers. In fact, there is a growing interest in such activities around the world. The number of athletes participating in extreme sporting events is increasing and sports such as kite surfing, rock climbing or skateboarding are gaining in popularity. Especially now that they are included in the program of the Olympic Games.

This extreme sports trend is spreading to educational institutions with universities such as the University of Colorado Boulder and Boise State University offering extreme sports programs. This will allow more athletes to earn a degree in exercise science and turn their passion for extreme sports into their profession.

Things to consider before an extreme sports tripExtreme sports travel is more than just an outlet for thrill seekers. More and more athletes are choosing to turn their passion into their profession.

What to consider for an extreme sports trip?

A big part of the appeal of extreme sports is the thrill, which is why athletes are constantly looking for opportunities that can help them practice their skills. After all, it’s exciting to test your skills in new places, especially those with higher slopes or more challenging obstacles. If you are one of those adventurous souls and are planning an extreme sports trip, here are a few essentials to prepare.

#1 Get in the right mindset for your trip

Extreme sports trip is not an everyday trip. And to make the most of it, you need to prepare your mindset accordingly.

Build your motivation by creating a strong vision of what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. You may want to refine your paragliding precision to master your thermal flying skills. Or maybe you’ll reach the alley by practicing a backward air rotation with your surfboard. Write down a realistic goal and focus on it during your journey.

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#2 Work with a strength and conditioning specialist beforehand

Now that you’ve conditioned your mindset, it’s time to prepare your body. A good idea is to hire a strength and conditioning coach prior to the trip to address any muscle imbalances and improve base and core strength.

Such professionals can help you prepare and train for whatever adventure you have in mind. Working with a coach can help you identify areas for improvement and minimize injuries during the extreme sport journey itself.

how to plan an extreme sports trip

#3 Prepare the right equipment for your sport

Before you leave, purchase additional luggage space for essential safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads, or wrist guards. Your trainers, helmets and pads will likely take up a lot of luggage space, but as these are essential safety features, make sure they are properly packed and that their structural integrity is not damaged while travelling.

Otherwise, consider renting this equipment at your destination if you want to save luggage space. However, be sure to rent quality equipment.

#4 Invest in health insurance

Your preparation is critical to the success of your extreme sports journey. Such an adventure can pose significant dangers, so in addition to athletic goals, prioritize your safety before and during the trip. Extreme sports are so called because of the high risks they carry. Since your health is at stake, it is best to invest in health insurance before you travel.

You can opt for extreme sports insurance or other local sports insurance to cover any hospital costs. Be sure to read between the lines when choosing the best policy for your sport.

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