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Gifts For Triathletes – 26 Excellent Ideas For All Budgets

Gifts For Triathletes – 26 Excellent Ideas For All Budgets

If you have a special someone who is training for a triathlon, you’re in luck. With three different sports to choose from there’s never a shortage of gift ideas. Regardless whether that special person trains for the first sprint triathlon or is a seasoned Iron-distance veteran, everyone enjoys attention. And in this post I will share what are some of the best gifts for triathletes that help satisfy that need.

It might be overwhelming to search for the perfect present for someone who loves three sports instead of one. However, keep in mind that triathlon is a very ‘consuming’ sport – both in terms of time and budget. As triathletes we go through a lot of different products on a daily basis and would appreciate any support here. So, a great present can be as trivial as something we use frequently. And, therefore, need to replace often.

Be cautious, though. While triathletes are generally a ‘no fuss’ bunch, there are some products that tend to be personal. Choosing things like chamois cream, energy bars & gels or even cleats can be a little tricky, because every triathlete has their own taste or is used to certain brands. Instead, a much safer approach is to stick to more universal items, like socks, water bottles or even pool toys. These items are critical but are often afterthoughts for most triathletes and are not replaced as often as they could be.

Scroll down for the list of 26 excellent gift ideas for triathletes – from stocking stuffers to cool and unique products.

guide to holiday gifts for triathletesFrom stocking stuffers to unique and special products, this post shares the best gift ideas for triathletes.

Holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for triathletes (under $25)

Thinking about what to get someone (him or her) who loves triathlons for Christmas or other holidays? Searching for the best stocking stuffers for triathletes? A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be appreciated. Below are some of the low-cost essentials that every triathlete needs and will be happy to receive as a present.

Giro cycling socks

#1 Quality tri socks

Price: $20

It sounds cheesy to get someone a pair of socks for the holidays, but it’s a timeless classic for a reason. Every triathlete would appreciate a pair of good quality (and preferably colorful) tri socks as a Christmas or other holiday gift. These don’t come cheap and for an athlete it’s sometimes hard to commit to buying a new pair. But that feeling of wearing new socks makes every run or bike ride comfortable and extra special. Look for a fabric that is moisture-wicking and has a little compression.

muck off chain lube

#2 Chain lube

Price: $16

Nobody likes a squeaking chain – it’s annoying and results in lost power. A simple solution is to keep it clean and lubricate often (ideally before every long ride), which makes chain lube a very useful gift for someone training for a triathlon. Ironman athletes in particular cover a lot of volume on the bike and, therefore, go through chain lube very quickly.

a pack of cr2032 batteries

#3 A pack of CR2032 batteries

Price: $6

If you’re really pressed for budget or are looking for a cheap stocking stuffer, a pack of CR2032 batteries is a good choice. Everything is powered by this type of battery (i.e. chest straps, lights, power meters) and they seem to always run dry quicker than expected. In fact, it’s always a good idea to use fresh ones for a race.

lock laces for triathlon running

#4 Triathlon laces

Price: $9

‘Automatic’ laces help to speed up transition time, because there’s no need to spend an extra minute on tying them. You just slip your feet into the shoes and you’re ready to go. It’s a great gift idea not only for triathletes, but also for runners and those who use sneakers on daily basis.

bike water bottle

#5 Water bottles

Price: $14

A water bottle is a great example of a product that tends to get overlooked. A plastic bottle doesn’t break, so there’s no obvious need to get a new one. However, if not replaced or cleaned it does get mouldy and filthy. Consider getting a few good quality, BPA-free water bottles as a holiday gift – any triathlete would appreciate it. Or, even better, think sustainably and get a stainless steel one that will hold the heat for longer.

triathlon race belt

#6 Triathlon race belt

Price: $13

A triathlon race belt is a necessity for every race and can be a very useful training tool outside the competition period as well. In particular, it’s a great way to carry gels and other nutrition during a long run. So, if you decide to give this as a present for a triathlete, make sure it has plenty of ‘storage room’ on it.

triathlon training book

#7 Triathlon book

Price: $15 – $25

By far one of the most affordable and best gifts for triathletes is a book. It can be a one on training practices, an inspirational story of a certain triathlete or even a cookbook. Below are a few to consider that I personally enjoyed a lot:

Theraband resistance bands

#8 A set of resistance bands and/or loops

Price: $16

Resistance bands and loops are great training tools that can help triathletes build strength, improve form and prevent injuries. Each color creates a specific resistance and, therefore, promotes a different training effect. A bundle of different bands and loops make up a great present for any triathlete.

Heart Rate Zone Training

Have questions about heart rate training? Need help with your new & fancy sports watch? Ready to take your training to the next level?

Mid-range gift ideas for triathletes ($25 – $75)

If you have a bigger budget to spend, there’s even more useful and cool gift ideas to choose from. Presents in this category are perfect not only for the holiday season, but also for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

continental inner tubes for bike

#9 Spare inner tubes

Price: $30

A flat tyre is something every triathlete faces at some point in their career (some do struggle more than others). Unless your special someone runs tubeless tyres, a few packs of spare inner tubes will come very handy. Just FYI, most triathletes use 28″ wheels with a presta valve, so make sure you get the right ones.

CO2 inflator kit and cartridges

#10 CO2 inflator kit (with spare cartridges)

Price: $27

Equally as important as spare inner tubes are CO2 cartridges. These are used to inflate the tyre quickly when on the go – during a long ride or in a race. Inflator kits include a mount that moves the compressed CO2 from the cartridge into the tyre and are very handy gifts for triathletes.

foam roller as a present for triathlete

#11 Foam roller

Price: $35

A foam roller is one of the best training tools for any athlete. As little as 2-3 minutes of gentle rolling after every hard session helps to relieve tightness in the muscles and help them recover as quickly as possible. A medium hard foam roller is one of the most versatile gifts for triathletes, because it can be used for both warm up and recovery. The softer the roller, the more muscle activation it provides. Harder, on the other hand, provides better tightness relief.

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medal rack is a perfect gift for a triathlete

#12 Medal hanger

Price: $40

If your special someone likes to race, putting medals on display is a great way to celebrate that and boost his or her motivation. Some medal racks include motivational quotes, room for bib numbers and even space to record personal records.

smart bike tail lights

#13 Smart tail lights

Price: $30

One of the great tech gifts for triathletes is a smart light system that adjusts automatically depending on the external conditions and even the bike’s movement. Imagine how cool it is when tail lights shine brighter during braking, just like an actual car?

fins is a great holiday gift to improve triathlon swimming

#14 Fins and other swimming aids

Price: $25

Out of all swimming aids available on the market fins are, probably, the most useful for a triathlete. They help to improve ankle flexibility, support better body positioning and help to maintain speed during slower drill exercises, all of which makes a person a better swimmer. Other swimming aids that can be equally great gifts for triathletes are paddles, pull buoy and snorkel.

give a gift of a triathlon magazine subscription

#15 Triathlon magazine subscription

Price: $30

If you’re not sure about what to get someone who has recently found passion towards triathlon (or someone who seemingly has everything), consider a subscription to one of the triathlon-themed magazines. It’s a great way for a person to step into the sport and also learn a few new things. There’s plenty of publications to select from – Triathlete and 220 Triathlon are some of the most popular ones. Typically, you can get a gift card that includes a 1 year subscription to the print version plus exclusive access to certain digital content.

bike cover is a perfect gift for a person training for triathlon

#16 Bike cover

Price: $70

One very cool gift idea that many triathletes would not think about themselves is a bike cover. It’s essentially a piece of cloth that goes on top of the front and rear wheels and covers all the dirty bits (or the entire bike altogether). That serves two purposes – keeps the area of the house where you store the bike clean and keeps the bike clean during transporting.

acupressure mat is a great gift for a triathlete

#17 Acupressure set

Price: $50

Juggling three different sports on a weekly basis often means that a rest day is ‘just an easy spin on the bike’. Moreover, most triathletes also balance a career and family with extensive training schedule. An acupressure set (mat + pillow) is a great way to relieve overall tension in the body and promote recovery. Sometimes as little as 10 minutes on an acupressure mat can rejuvenate better than a massage appointment.

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swim buoy for open water swimming

#18 Swim buoy

Price: $40

Although it sounds similar, a swim buoy is completely different to a pull buoy. For starters, it’s used to provide a visual reference where a swimmer is and avoid an accident in open water. Secondly, it works as a flotation device that the swimmer can use to get some rest (if the cost is far). Finally, it’s a great way to store all personal belongings (keys, phone, dry clothes) while swimming in open water and don’t worry about leaving them unattended on the beach.

compression socks is a great gift for a triathlete

#19 Compression socks

Price: $45

There’s plenty of research that supports the use of compression gear for recovery. For triathletes calves in particular are at increased risk of overuse, as they are engaged in all three disciplines. However, just like quality tri socks, full compression socks don’t come cheap. Which is why these make up for great presents for triathletes.

Premium, unique and cool gifts for triathletes (over $75)

If you’re looking for a special present for someone (like a birthday gift or a group present), you’ll want to look into the big-ticket items. Below are some of the best gifts for triathletes that come with a high price tag.

Wahoo Tickr X

#20 Heart rate chest strap

Price: $80

It used to be that an athlete requires an entire heart rate monitor setup (that costs $400+) to track his or her heart rate. Now a Bluetooth-enabled chest strap can do that for less than quarter of the price. Such chest strap connects to the smartphone and can record valuable heart rate data that an athlete can analyze after the session. Monitoring heart rate in such a way can help to tailor the training process to the athlete and, as a result, make it more efficient.

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a set of fresh racing tyres is a great holiday gift for a triathlete

#21 Set of new racing tyres

Price: $90

Athletes who spend a lot of time riding the bike outdoors will appreciate a pair of fresh tyres. Good tyres help to reduce resistance and make the ride smoother and enjoyable. Moreover, many triathletes are using tubeless tyres that offer extra protection against punctures (but do require a bit more setup). This might be something you’d want to confirm with your triathlete before buying the gift.

Zen8 swim trainer is a great gift for a triathlete willing to improve form

#22 Swim trainer

Price: $200

Swimming is the most complicated discipline for triathletes to train, because it focuses a lot on form. And, of course, because it involves a lot of logistics to get to the pool. Which is why a swim trainer is one of the best gifts for triathletes who want to improve their swim. It helps to develop core muscles to improve body position in the water and provides resistance to help develop stroke’s power and efficiency.

TRX suspension trainer is a great all-round gift

#23 TRX suspension trainer

Price: $130

A TRX suspension trainer is a perfect training tool for a triathlete in any situation – outside, at home, in the gym or even while traveling. It can offer a full-body exercise using an athlete’s own body weight and besides developing muscle strength it also helps to improve stability, core strength and coordination that is so critical in a triathlon race.

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transition bag is a great present for a triathlete

#24 Transition bag

Price: $139

A transition bag is a backpack that triathlete uses to carry all his or her gear before and after the race, as well as to a training practice. It has many different compartments to help stay organized. One for smelly bike shoes. Another for clean clothes. One more to separate wetsuit, swimming cap and goggles that get wet during the session. Even a pocket for gels & energy bars. And even more. In fact, transition bag is quite handy to store the gear at home as well.

massage gun is one of the best gifts for triathletes

#25 Massage gun

Price: $100

A massage gun is like a portable massage therapist designed to be a cost-efficient alternative to a traditional massage appointment. It can be used anywhere anytime and helps to relieve muscle stiffness or soreness, promote blood and lymph circulation, improve overall health of the body’s soft tissues and prevent inflammation caused by adhesion between the fascia and muscles.

The Athlete Blog Personal Coaching is one of the best gifts for triathletes

#26 Personal coaching

Price: $100 – $250

I saved the best for last. One of the best gifts for triathletes is that of a personal coach. Be it a one-time appointment, a program that is tailor-made to the athlete or ongoing monthly feedback sessions – having someone look at the training process from the side and tell what an athlete is doing wrong is by far the best way to become a better athlete.

A coach will be able to find areas of improvements, provide a different perspective on athlete’s training and help set achievable goals that motivate him or her to put in quality work, elevate fitness level and with that gain more satisfaction from the training process.

What’s next?

Are you looking to achieve peak fitness? Or are preparing for a specific adventure? Maybe you are looking to develop a more resilient mindset and integrate training into a busy lifestyle? Whatever your goals are, I can help you develop a balanced training plan and coach you to reach your full potential. Reach out via this page and lets get started.

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