Most people feel that they have to spend hours in the gym to get the body they want. However, that’s a myth that needs to be broken, says nutritionist Nancy Dehra.

According to her, “Forty minutes to an hour is an ideal time to exercise.”

“Between the pressures of everyday life, including family, job, working from home, sleeping, it can be difficult to find time. But straining even 40 minutes to an hour is a good way,” said the expert.

“Four-five days of training combined with proper nutrition and protein intake can do wonders for your body,” Dehra said.

The World Health Organization recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, five times a week or 150 minutes.

While it can’t hurt to push your limits, be careful about overtraining.

“One session will not make or break your body. Consistent work over a long period of time is what will give you the results you want. Moreover, you can only be consistent if you are good for your body,” says Sohrab Khushrushahi, the founder of SOHFIT.

“Sometimes just moving and enjoying the movement is good enough. You can certainly have one or two sessions in a week where you go all out and enjoy that burn, but you can’t do that 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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