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Factors To Consider Before Going For Ulthera

Factors To Consider Before Going For Ulthera

Aging occurs when the collagen content of the skin starts breaking down and slackens the elastin. Even though, there are several cosmetic surgical procedures that may help in fixing the issues, such as wrinkles and fine lines, more and more people prefer going for the non-surgical methods. When choosing a non-invasive therapy to improve the appearance of the skin, ultherapy is one of the finest procedures to choose. Contrary to what you may think, ultherapy is not the typical facelift procedure; instead it capitalizes the benefits of ultrasound energy to heal the skin and lend it a youthful appearance.

Things to know

Due to the name of the procedure, many people believe that ultherapy uses lasers on the skin but it is not true. Typically, the ultrasound energy moves past the skin surface and penetrates inside the skin tissues without leaving any scar or mark. Besides, the side-effects of Ulthera are minor. Al that the patients may experience is a little bit of pain and discomfort during the treatment. The pain stays as long as the ultrasound device stays and the impact is a sharp and tingling pain on the areas that are treated. Besides, you may also experience some swelling up to a fortnight of the procedure and may prolong later than that but applying ice packs on the area and taking antihistamines may help.

Results and suitability

You may not experience an immediate effect on your skin after the procedure and the visible lines on the skin may be gradual. Besides, the results may also vary based on the health of the individual and the length of the treatment. Before undergoing the procedure, you need to know that it is not for everyone, especially for people in their late thirties and forties. For individuals above fifty years of age where the skin laxity is compromised greatly can the impact of the procedure be noted? However, there is no significant aftercare needed for ultherapy.