Already one of the sexiest male actors in Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gained even more muscle this past year as he geared up for his superhero debut in DC’s Black Adam. It was a method. The author described him as one of the most demanding physical challenges in his professional career. He has also gained insight into innovative training, as evidenced by his most recent training.

“Absolutely tough leg workout this morning, but I’m always happy to work hard and do my best to improve my standards.” he wrote in the caption of his latest Instagram post. He then went on to give the full rundown of everything he is doing to increase and maintain his strength in the massive quads, explaining that the most efficient workouts have to do not just with the weight the person is lifting, but with the method used. he used to run it.

The actor begins with a 30-minute warm-up that includes foam rolling and stretching and a variety of strengthening exercises, such as leg extensions and glute abductions, leg curls and single glute drive exercises for the legs.

It’s time to do huge sets, all in the range of 15-20 reps, done five times. For Johnson, this is usually a compound press exercise, such as the dumbbell leg press or Pit Shark squat variations. “Slow and intense controlled reps, with multiple negatives of the seconds, increased the weight of each exercise,” he said. The workout is completed with the walking lunge as standard in his leg day routine and replaced with delayed Romanian deadlifts at 1 second intervals at the end of each rep.

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Johnson has previously talked about the importance of slow, controlled negative reps and shared a series of training videos in which Johnson demonstrates his eccentric contraction, alternates with the heavyweights and focuses on getting the most out of each rep by increasing the duration under tension.

“You will see that the weight I use is not overly large.” Johnson wrote, noting that exercising safely is an absolute priority after numerous surgeries and injuries. “I’ve realized that we don’t train with what weights; however, it’s the quality of the reps and the mind-muscle connection that matters most,” he continued. “The truth is that my time has allowed me to train HARDER. But to improve my training, I had to master the art of training more efficiently.”

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