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Don’t Give Up! – David’s Way to Health and Fitness

Don’t Give Up! – David’s Way to Health and Fitness

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It’s not over…until it’s over

I have heard it said that joy comes in the morning. Regardless of your war, whether it’s weight management or something else, the morning is when everything changes. The morning is when the tiniest glimmer of light seeps into your life, as light destroys the darkness. The moment a single ray of light penetrates the darkness, it is no longer there.

Darkness is anything that keeps you trapped in the frame of mind of a helpless or victim. You may just not know there is a way out. It can be something, or someone, more tangible. In the weight loss battle, it may be a “friend” who wants to keep you a prisoner, to do their bidding. In other more painful situations, darkness can be an environment you can’t seem to escape from. Believe me. There is a way out. All you need is one beam of light. When you see that light, run towards it. The darkness has already been destroyed.

The coldest time of the night is the time before sunrise. The earth has cooled for hours and the temperature has dropped. If you feel cold, lonely, forgotten, know that you have not been forgotten. The sun is just going to shine. Stay tuned. Sometimes our feelings of sadness and isolation can influence many of the choices we make, including our food choices. To win, you have to be strong. Make the best food choices you can make every day of your life, but especially if you’re struggling with other issues. You need your strength and health more than ever.

You are stronger than you know. You are terrifying and wonderfully made. Always know and remember this. When we know we are strong and believe we cannot be broken, we emerge victorious. You can do what you really want to do. Decide what that is and don’t let anything get in your way.

You can do this. You have everything you need in you to escape the weight that so easily surrounds you.

Give everything you have.

Be fearless.

You have already seen the light.


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