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Causes and symptoms of flat feet

Causes and symptoms of flat feet

A person with flat foot   does not have any gap below the inner part of the foot while standing. The arch helps in providing a spring to the step and even distribution of body weight. The condition of a flat foot may only need treatment if there is any sign of discomfort, a fundamental disorder or pain in any part of the body. If you ever have any symptoms, minimization is possible with the help of simple instruments and exercises. There may be many causes leading to a flat foot, but the positive aspect is there are treatments to cure them too.

Common causes for flat feet

The primary cause of flat feet [ภาวะ เท้า แบน] is genetic. A flat foot condition may pass on from parents to the children in the genes. The arches may be weak, making it flat while someone is standing. Any foot or ankle injury may result in a flat foot. The posterior tibial tendon may get dysfunctional, ruptured or damaged, resulting in an arch less condition. There are certain diseases of muscles and the nervous system. Cerebral palsy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy are some causing the flat foot disorder. Patients having existing diseases like arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis are more prone to having a flat foot. Childhood development fault may be a reason behind having a flat foot.

Symptoms for flat feet

Sometimes doctors may suggest taking bed rest till the symptoms disappear. It helps in avoiding activities that can aggravate the pain. If you are experiencing pain due to a flat foot, then wearing extra-wide fitted shoes can provide relief. If someone’s feet roll too far inward, orthotics or custom-made soles can reduce the pain. Ankle brace helps reduce any inflammation due to flat feet. The doctor may prescribe surgery if there is no proper development of bones since childhood. The combination of insole and pain killer can help in treating flat foot pain. The most common reason for the flat foot is obesity. In this case, losing weight can be the ideal solution.