Best Foods to Beat the Heat

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The heat is increasing and it is getting worse by the day. When I traveled to the clinic this morning, the heat and traffic on the roads made me lose my temper, but then I thought, if we can’t change the weather, why crib? Instead, let’s eat the best foods to beat the heat and the foods that keep us cool! The harsh sun and hot temperature not only makes us feel dehydrated, but also makes us crave ice cream and sweetened juices and cold drinks with a large amount of calories! Not to mention the preservatives and added colors and flavors!

Here is a list of natural foods that not only keep us cool, but are also packed with nutrients!


As the name suggests, watermelon contains 90% water.


It keeps you cool and is packed with antioxidants. Eat it whole or blend it and drink it!


cucumber_tummy flattening food

Cucumber slices are an age-old remedy for keeping the eyes cool. But it is also an excellent natural coolant for the body.


The best midnight snacks for your curd cravings

Curd, as I mentioned in one of my articles, has many health benefits and one such benefit is that it keeps your body cool. It reduces acidity. Eat it with fruit or make chaas with a few mint leaves, you can never go wrong with curd.


If you thought green tea can only be drunk warm, let me tell you that green tea can also be made cool, just like you make iced tea! Add ice cubes, lime juice and a few mint leaves to your green tea and you’re all set to get out of the house!

green tea


Coconut water is full of minerals and keeps your body cool and 200 ml of coconut water contains only 50 calories! Need even more reason to grab that glass of coconut water?

Benefits of Drinking Soft Coconut Water

These are quick and easy cool foods that you can keep eating on the go! In addition, water is the best for keeping you cool and hydrated. Add mint, lime wedges to your glass of water and a few ice cubes and you’ll stay cool and fresh all day long!

Best Foods to Beat the HeatBest Foods to Beat the Heat

Remember it is very important to avoid reaching the stage where you are dehydrated and for that you should also continue to drink water, chaas, green tea and coconut water while traveling and give your body a chance to say I love you summers!

Let us know if you know of any other best foods to beat the heat and stay hydrated.

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