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Benefits of using leather shoulder holster

Benefits of using leather shoulder holster

A leather shoulder holster is an option for those who wish to conceal or openly carry a handgun. When it comes to carrying a concealed handgun, the benefits of a leather shoulder holstercan range greatly from one person to the next.


There are valid concerns raised by those who are against the use of shoulder holsters, but this does not change the reality that there are situations in which they perform exceptionally well. Shoulder holsters are fantastic, provided you have a suitable firearm and are using it safely.

Distributes weight evenly

Shoulder holsters have the advantage of evenly distributing the weight of the firearm. Usually, manufacturers don’t utilise belt pouches, as most people prefer to carry their gear in backpacks because it is more convenient. However, a leather shoulder holster is recommended for a large steel-framed handgun or revolver, while a belt holster is acceptable for a small or subcompact polymer gun.

The day-to-day burden of carrying everything on one side can be uncomfortable and physically demanding, even if the load can be balanced across both shoulders. A calibrated counterweight is attached to the other side of the harness to maintain equilibrium. High-quality holsters are advantageous for several reasons, including this one.

Capable of fitting larger pistols

We’ve all grown spoiled with the seemingly endless supply of affordable, reliable firearms that can be carried around easily. Full-sized handguns that are nonetheless thin enough to be hidden in a trouser pocket are available. For larger firearms, a leather shoulder holster may be the best option.

Revolvers, with their large breadth, are awkward for concealed carry. If the belt is worn under the arm instead of slack around the waist, it is considerably easier to hide. Keeping in mind the configuration that worked so well for one of the most well-known shoulder holster users of all time there are many companies that can help you find the one that does the trick for you. They provide a slim frame which is perfect for hiding a massive.44 magnum.


The shoulder holster is notoriously difficult to draw from. Reaching across your body and possibly moving a cover garment out of the way is not the only way to get to your gun quickly. Unless you intend to remain seated for an extended period of time, you are correct. If you spend a lot of time in a seated position (at a desk, in a car, etc.), waist carrying may be extremely inconvenient and inconvenient to access. If the user’s hands are above their head, even a holster that falls to the thigh could be problematic. Shoulder holsters are preferable in these situations because they are more likely to occur at chest level or higher.

It’s no surprise that shoulder holsters have become popular among hunters and fishermen who spend most of their time sitting in a blind or standing in deep water. You may find that an over-the-shoulder holster eliminates your worries about your concealed weapon getting wet.