As Bernstein explains, “So you listen to a song with a tone in the right ear and then a tone in the left ear, or you have buzzers in both hands, or you look back and forth. going, or if you have a stimulus in either ear, it opens up your brain’s capacity to reprocess old storylines, and undo that story in the present moment.”

EMDR focuses on past events that have laid the foundation for dysfunction, current circumstances that cause distress, and imaginary templates for future events. This type of therapy, and the successful studies that have emerged from it, show that people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy through EMDR practices. The EMDR Institute, founded by psychologist Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., has a wealth of information about EMDR therapy and resources if you’d like to learn more.

Bernstein recommends seeing an EMDR therapist if possible, but there are also exercises you can do at home. Enter, Bernstein’s ‘rage on the page’, journaling technique.

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