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A well Detailed Lsd Cannabis Strain Review

A well Detailed Lsd Cannabis Strain Review

Lsd cannabis is a hybrid that is indica dominant with high content of THC. However, the good thing is that there is a good amount of CBD in its content that ensure that the highness it offers does not go beyond the limits when taken in the recommended way. It is bred by crossing Skunk and Mazar Sharif that is a unique hybrid from Afghanistan.  The strain was developed in Barney’s farm known for breeding plants.  Lsd strain has more relaxing effects compared to most of the other cannabis strains you might have tried. However, if you are a beginner, it is not recommended for you because of its quick and hard hitting effects. To help you gain more understanding, here is a well detailed Lsd cannabis strain review

LSD Aroma and flavor 

One of the most outright qualities you note about this Lsd strain is its pine smell. This is a scent that makes many people get attracted to it. Another important thing to note is that the strain tastes the same it smells. When you take it either through smoking or vaping, you will get a heavy pine taste that has a dank skunkness. You might also note some berry notes lingering on your tongue and at the back end, you may feel a slight bubble gum taste. 

It appearance 

Lsd strain has a classic indica look as long as it has a cone and round shaped buds.  Since it has dense bud, it also means that you have to take care about excess humidity. It has color ranging from wintergreen to dark. Another thing you note about its appearance is that it has small trichomes and it may not be easy to see the pistils change the colour. 

How Lsd strain grows 

Lsd strain is one of the easiest to grow in your home even of you are a beginner. Unlike most of the other strains you have to do a lot of work doing maintenance, you can leave LSD and still get high yields. To maximize the yields, you need to top the crop so that the growth can spread all over. Note that this is a plant that grows thick and short, so it is advisable that you prune the lower branches to help the other buds found on the upper side to thrive. 

The strain gives you a great option since you can decide to plant it outdoors or indoors since it has high level resistance to diseases and plants.  When you plant it in your indoor space, you can expect to get twenty one ounces per every square meter and flowering takes about seven to eight weeks. On the other hand, if you plant it outdoors, you can expect to get around eighteen ounces per every plant and is usually ready by mid-September.  You should ensure that the temperature remains between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit at day time. In case you grow it indoors, you should maintain this temperature depending on the time that the lights are on. If you are growing it outdoors, you should take care of rainfall since the buds are dense and are vulnerable to rotting. 

When it comes to feeding, Lsd strain requires to be fed with moderate nutrients. During the flowering stage, you can add organic fertilizers such as worm castings or bat guano. 

Lsd cannabis strain effects 

Lsd strain is a highly potent; therefore you should not charge in and take a lot of grams in a hurry to get high, because you may end up getting undesirable effects. As a novice, take care and take just a little because of these strong effects. 

Medically the strain is used because of its relaxing effects making it a top option for those suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. Its highness helps you stay in the moment and ensure that your mind does not wander into things that cause nervousness.  It also works effectively in helping alleviate chronic pain in the muscle spasms, migraines and joints. If you suffer from insomnia, just take some hits an hour before sleeping and you will enjoy high quality sleep. 

Factors to consider before planting Lsd cannabis strain 

Size of your garden 

One of the things you should put in mind is the size of your garden. The good thing about planting weed is that you can even plant in your kitchen garden. It is not the type of plants that require that you must plant in huge chunk of land. As you consider your garden, keep in mind how Lsd strain grows. 

Legality of weed in your area 

Not all areas you can grow Lsd marijuana strain depending on the authorities. So, before you decide to do the planting, it is good to know if it is legal to plant weed in your area to avoid falling into problems with the authorities. 

Choose depending on the affects you desire

It is good to know the effects that Lsd effects before you decide to plant it if you are planting it for consumption.  Indica dominant strains are grown for medicinal purposes, while the sativa dominant strains are perfect for recreational use. If you are planting Lsd strain for sale, understand the market and competition in order to thrive in your endeavor. 

Select hardy Lsd strains 

It is good to consider the auto-flowering strains of weed. These strains are not affected by changes in the intensity and duration of light. In case you want to grow the pot indoors, the duration and intensity the light get turned on is constant. However, if you want to plant outdoors, there are different factors that determine affecting the length of the day. Choosing auto-flowering strains is the best option since they flower with or without regular access to sunlight like most of the other cannabis strains that you will find in the modern market. 


Bottom line

This is a comprehensive Lsd cannabis strain review; you can other important information regarding the strain by visiting https://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/lsd/



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