Home Health Tips 5 Fitness lessons to learn from Janhvi Kapoor 

5 Fitness lessons to learn from Janhvi Kapoor 

5 Fitness lessons to learn from Janhvi Kapoor 

Whether she’s brushing up on her Pilates skills or strength training with ropes – Janhvi Kapoor’s fitness mantra is all about physical consistency

A quick flick through Janhvi Kapoor’s Instagram reveals two things: one that she doesn’t like sharing on social media, and two, she practices her fitness routine religiously. And while you may only see a few posts of her boy in gym clothes, any true fan knows that the Gen-Z star has been polishing her Pilates for years. In addition, Janhvi Kapoor’s fitness routine includes everything from rope and strength training to dancing.

Fun fact: Pilates was originally introduced to help athletes recover from injury and gradually return to full form. Today, Pilates has been maneuvered to suit individual needs as it serves as a full-body workout. Kapoor’s fitness trainer Namrata Purohit shared its benefits in an Instagram post: “It engages the core, works your obliques, works the arms, and stabilizes scapulars.”

Kapoor goes beyond the jump rope and advocates rope training. The exercise known to improve flexibility, mobility and calorie burning is a high-intensity strength training exercise. In addition to the versatile movement benefits, pulling and lifting the rope provides balance in the upper and lower body, which also reduces the risk of injury.

While we all love to train with Sara Ali Khan and their trainer Namrata Purohit, the idea is to enlist a friend or family member to support you during workouts. When someone actively participates in a session next to you, you are likely to keep appointments and stay motivated. And this not only encourages you to get out of the rut, it’s also fun.

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