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10 Athletes With The Best Chests In Men’s Bodybuilding

10 Athletes With The Best Chests In Men’s Bodybuilding

If you’re already into bodybuilding, then you’re familiar with the phrase “international chest day,” which is associated with Mondays. The chest is a focus of every gym goer, novice and veteran alike, for its impact on aesthetics and overall performance. Big pecs also look great paired with a set of chiseled abs.

For competitive bodybuilders, the chest should appear broad, full and have quality definition. What they bank on doesn’t matter on stage in front of the judges. Many of the greatest bodybuilders of the past and present built their legacy on their breast development. Others may not be as well known, but the quality of their pecs makes them worth recognizing.

These 10 individuals would make quite a lineup if there were ever a “best chest” competition in professional male bodybuilding:

Arnold SchwarzeneggerFranco ColumbuLou FerrignoSerge NubretGary StrydomRoy CallendarRonnie ColemanBrandon CurryDerek LundsfordWesley Vissers

Arnold Schwarzenegger

There’s a reason this man is considered one of, if not the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Schwarzenegger had several body parts that could be counted among the best ever, but his signature muscle group was undoubtedly his chest. At the height of his rule of Mr. Olympia, Schwarzenegger’s torso was reportedly 57 inches in circumference.

Franco Columbus

One of the largest chests in the history of bodybuilding belonged to the late great Franco Columbu. Columbu was actually a four-sport athlete, winning titles in boxing, powerlifting, bodybuilding and participating in the inaugural World’s Strongest Man in 1977.

Lou Ferrigno

It was hard to miss Lou Ferrigno when he stepped onto a bodybuilding stage. At six feet tall and weighing 270 pounds in his younger days, Ferrigno was usually the tallest man on the podium. His chest was full and dense. Knowing that many of the men he dealt with lacked chest development, he focused more on incline movements to develop his chest muscles. While he never won Schwarzenegger’s Olympia title, his physique did help him earn the role of the original Incredible Hulk.

Serge Nubret

French competitor Serge Nubret was crowned the world’s most muscular man in a competition in 1960. He also won the prestigious Mr. Universe title in 1976. The “Black Panther” was best known for his incredible abs, but his chest was also a standout feature on his aesthetic, symmetrical physique.

Gary Strydom

Strydom was a prominent competitor in the 1980s and 1990s. He is best known as the sole champion of Vince McMahon’s World Bodybuilding Federation. (WBF) Strydom came on the scene as the 1986 National Physique Committee (NPC) National Champion before competing in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro circuit. He won four shows in the IFBB Pro League before moving to the WBF.

Roy Callendar

Roy Callendar is most famous for his bodybuilding, but he also had a short career in professional wrestling. He wrestled under his own name and under the moniker “Mr. Universe.” Whether in the ring or on stage, Callendar’s chest stood out. His pecs were a major reason why he won the Canadian Championship in 1977 and the IFBB Pro Universe title in 1978.

He finished third at the Mr. Olympia. The champion was Frank Zane. He never got closer to the Olympia than that, but he won four more games before retiring in 1987.

Ronnie Coleman

When the debate comes up about who can be considered the greatest bodybuilder ever, Ronnie Coleman is always in the conversation. He laid the foundation for the physique he created while powerlifting after college. He saw many benefits of heavy training, which is partly why he is famous for bench pressing 500 lb for reps and working with 200 lb barbells on both flat and incline benches.

Brandon Curry

When it comes to the current number of stars in the world of bodybuilding, few have the combination of shape and size as the Mr. Olympia 2019. Brandon Curry likes to use both machines and free weights when training his chest. He focuses more on muscle contraction than using a full range of motion, which pays off immensely.

Derek Lunsford

The 2021 Olympia 212 champion has been talking about the best pecs in the sport since his pro debut in 2017. The Indiana native’s chest is a truly standout element of an already well-developed physique.

Wesley Vissers

The Classic Physique division is closely associated with Chris Bumstead, but there are other stars who have incredible attributes to show off. One of them is Wesley Vissers, and his chest would be on par with any competitor in any division.

The Power of Pecs

A balanced, well-developed physique requires you to pay attention to every muscle in your body. If anything is left behind, it will be shown on stage. Conversely, taking an extra step to train a particular muscle or muscle group can give you an iconic look.

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